Sex Rules: 7 Strange Sex Laws That Could Get You Arrested

Okay, so we get that in certain places in the world nudity and streaking will get you arrested but these? Here are 7 strange sex laws that will definitely get you some slammer time (and we’re not talking in a good way)… but you might not even know you’re breaking it.

#1 Climaxing Before Your Partner During Foreplay

Perhaps there’s a sex cop making their rounds at the motels?

Only in California (unfortunately). We appreciate the consideration for both partners but we wonder how they find out? Do we even want to know?!

#2 Moose Can’t Have Sex on the City Streets

This moose is just munching on some grass

Only in Alaska, but in general, no one likes an exhibitionist anywhere in the world. Hmm, do you think the moose know they are breaking the law? They must be causing traffic jams. They must not care either though.

#3 Jumping Another Man’s Wife

Never ends well, cheating, but Uruguay takes it to a whole other level

You may want to skip this in Uruguay, because the cuckold is allowed to either kill both, or castrate offending chap and chop off cheating wife’s nose. Does this work the other way around?!

#4 You Can Only Own 6 Dildos

You can actually find these souvenirs in Thailand, so there’s that

In Texas. If you own more, you could get fined $4000 or go to jail for a year. Wait, what???

#5 Multitasking is a Huge No

When you work hard, you should play hard

In Estonia. A game of chess or playing with your smartphone while doing it will get you into trouble. Again, how do they find out? Unsatisfied partners lodging official complaints?

#6 It’s Illegal to Have a Boner in Public

Just act natural, you’ve got this

In Indiana. Better stuff a banana in your pocket, guys!

#7 Fortune-telling to Settle Lovers Quarrels 

maxresdefault (3)
Buy her flowers. Get her jewellery. We predict she’ll be verryyy happy

In Louisana, where it is legal to practice Necrophilia. Ok, so this isn’t specifically sex-related, but you know what we mean.

Play safe, travel safe. 

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