Guy’s Guide: What To Do When Your Dream Vacation Becomes A Holiday Nightmare

Even the most over-prepared planners can’t prepare for everything, and sometimes at no fault of your own, you just wind up being “that guy” or “that girl” where everything seems to go wrong. While you can let these things turn your dream vacation into a holiday nightmare, we always try to find the humour in bad situations, or at least a stiff tequila to cry into. As Mel Brooks says “Life literally abounds in comedy if you just look around you”.

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#1 You Missed Your Flight

you might want to get comfortable

It happens! Whether it’s a missed alarm, unexpected traffic, or extra long security lines (the bane of our existence), missing your flight has probably happened to every seasoned nomad at least once. How you deal with that situation however, separates the wheat from the chaff. Here’s some tips that may come in handy:

If you know you are going to miss your flight, call the airline immediately. You may have to pay a change fee, but you won’t be on the hook for the full amount of the ticket. If there’s still a chance that you can catch your flight, airline reps may be able to get you through security faster if you plead your case (nicely of course). If you absolutely need to travel that day, you may be put on stand-by for the next flight, which is always a bit dicey, but it may also be cost effective to ask about business or first class availability as the fee may be less than the cost of a last minute ticket. And finally, if getting another flight isn’t an option, perhaps it’s still early enough to cancel your hotel. When life gives you holiday nightmare lemons…you staycation it and order a margarita at the bar – your bag is already packed anyways. Whatever you do, don’t be like these two who missed their flight from Beijing to Shanghai and proceeded to bowl over gate security and wait underneath the plane, delaying everyone for 30 minutes before being escorted off the tarmac by police.

#2 Your Room Is Errr…Underwhelming

Problem? What problem?

It’s a logistical fact that every hotel will have certain rooms that are somewhat better (and somewhat worse) than others while remaining in the same price category, and nothing can ruin a romantic getaway only to discover that the kids pool is right outside your door. It never hurts to ask for an upgrade or an alternate room if you are unhappy with what you get, and most hotels will do it if they have the space. Alternatively, room77 is taking a page from SeatGuru, and attempts to provide information to help you choose ‘the best’ room. Its still got a long way to go, but in compiling guest reviews, floor plans and photos from each room showing the view, the site hopes to provide information to ensure that the “ocean view” hasn’t in fact been recently blocked by a new resort. Even better however, a personal concierge at The Luxe Nomad knows each property intimately and can recommend and assist you in ensuring the room is nothing short of stellar.

#3 That Michelin Star Restaurant Lost Your Reservation

Not that the guys at El Bulli would ever do that

You’re a foodie…you travel to eat…and sometimes you even plan an entire trip around visiting a certain restaurant – only to discover your name somehow isn’t on the list. Again, things happen, and more frequently than you think (especially with places that take reservations up to a year in advance). In these situations it never hurts to be a bit over-organised and call the restaurant one week before to confirm and even again the day before or day of. Having an email confirmation to back you up is always helpful, as is a seat at the bar if that’s available. The best advice however, is to suck it up and head to another nearby (although probably not as good) restaurant immediately. Even if the place does make an exception and squeezes you in, the pressure on the kitchen to add extra diners becomes problematic, you kind of become “that table” to all the wait staff, and the meal has already started off on the wrong foot, meaning nothing they do will make it as memorable as it should have been. In not causing any problems to the evening, and if in fact you can back up that reservation, they more often than not will accommodate you another night – giving everyone the proper time to prepare for a top-notch experience.

#4 You Get Food Poisoning

Hate it or love it?

Ordering a plate full of oysters seemed like a great idea last night, but maybe you weren’t considering that they had been sitting out in the sun the entire day before you got there. We’re no doctor, but if you do find yourself reenacting scenes from The Exorcist, try to at least stay hydrated. We find Pedialyte or a similar baby electrolyte solution a go-to for everything from hangovers to not being able to get off the porcelain. If oysters are your thing, there’s an old adage to only eat them in months containing the letter “R”, but that all depends on where you live.

#5 You Break Something

When ‘weeeee’ turns into ‘whoooops’

Probably one of the worst things to happen on vacation is an injury, or to be the travel companion of someone who injures themselves (unless you’re a complete jerk). Part of the thrill of travelling is often trying new things or stepping outside your comfort zone, and this often means you do something to your body that you don’t normally do. Hospitals, doctors, ambulances, and medicine, we can’t stress enough the importance of travel insurance that covers these costs (hopefully you never need to use it). Know your limits, be confident in what you are prepared to try, and if you do find yourself laid up in bed, we’d recommend making sure that bed is comfortable with a large selection of DVD’s. Ain’t nothing wrong with being a lodge-bunny when that lodge looks something like this.

Dream Vacations Ahead

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