Did This Feng Shui Expert Predict COVID-19?

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ICYMI: at the end of 2019, Feng Shui expert Joey Yap spoke in front of 32,000 people and told them that 2020 was going to be a turbulent one. In fact, part of his advice was to save up enough cash to last 6 months—which, in hindsight, was a very useful tip. Could this have been a foreshadowing for the pandemic? And, more importantly, what does he see for 2022?

To welcome the Lunar New Year, The Luxe Nomad sat down with Joey and asked about his predictions for the Year of the Water Tiger. Keep reading to see what could be in store!


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First off, can you tell us a little more about your 2020 forecast? What made you give that kind of advice to your viewers?

JOEY: There was an indication that a major Clash would happen in 2020, particularly in the area of finances and business. In Chinese metaphysics, the term Clash denotes uncomfortable changes. In anticipation of this, I told everyone to prepare at least 6 months of cash reserves, settle all debts, and build up your network to ensure you have enough options to weather the oncoming storm. 


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Are things looking better this year? What is the general overview of the Water Tiger? 

JOEY: After 2 years of massive changes and uncertainty, it might seem that things have settled down and everyone is slowly accepting the new norm. However, there’s still more to come. In this year of the Water Tiger, many more hidden issues arising from the COVID-19 situation will come to light. However, at the same time, it’s also an exciting year for those who are able to see beyond that. In every crisis, there is always an opportunity to turn it around and rise above it.

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Travel has been badly affected by COVID-19. Is Feng Shui able to say whether Water Tiger will be a year of movement and recovery?

JOEY: Although in Chinese Metaphysics, the Tiger is one of “Sky Horse” Animal Signs that indicates travel, there is also an indication of stagnation in 2022. After all, the entire infrastructure of the travel industry was affected and it will take some time to rebuild it; not to mention the restrictions placed by governments around the world and the emergence of new variants. This industry will recover eventually, but it won’t be the same as it was before.

How were you able to thrive during this difficult time?

JOEY: The answer is that we went online. We always believed that the only constant in life is change. Regardless if it was COVID-19 or otherwise, change will happen sooner or later. While we were used to working in offices and conducting our events at live venues with thousands of people before, we were also exploring different avenues such as online livestreams. When it finally happened, we were more than prepared to make that transition.


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On your Instagram, we noticed that you’re a straight talker with often hilarious replies to your followers. How did you first react to COVID-19? It was a stressful time for many entrepreneurs – was it for you?

JOEY: While change is inevitable, it is always uncomfortable. It is part of human nature after all to cling to familiarity. However, just because it’s uncomfortable doesn’t always mean it’s a bad thing. In fact, even before the stay-at-home mandate came into effect, we’ve already had internal discussions on working from home arrangements as well as setting up home studios for livestream events. It was a difficult time, but we stepped up to the plate.


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One last thing: we love that you’ve been a long-time client of The Luxe Nomad. What do you love the most about traveling, especially to Niseko? 

JOEY: For the longest time, I’ve always been a huge fan of snowboarding. Before the travel lockdown, going to Niseko, Japan has always been an annual affair, as it has some of the most breathtaking snow slopes in the world. Also, I believe that whenever we travel, we realize anew how much there is to learn.

No matter how young or old you are, travelling is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer, by broadening your horizons. That’s why when I travel, it’s with my entire extended family, kids included. Of course, it’s not easy to find accommodation that caters to the tastes and demands of 15 adults and 10 kids, all at once. That’s where Luxe Nomad has been instrumental, allowing me to bypass the legwork that’s traditionally needed to find our perfect vacation space and freeing me to focus solely on enjoying the experience of travel.


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