Why You Should Visit Bali for Galungan

Take one step closer to appreciating the beauty of Balinese culture by being on the island to witness the way they celebrate the victory of dharma over adharma. This signifies the time when ancestral spirits visit the Earth. Learn more about what to expect and how you can immerse yourself in this unique celebration as a tourist;

What is Galungan?

Mapeed procession. Photo from Bali Budget Housing

Honoring the Almighty God and Creator of the entire universe (Ida Sang Hyang Widhi) as well as the victory of Virtue against Evil, the Hindu followers on the island of Bali conduct the 10-day religious festivals of Galungan. “Galungan is a big, happy celebration where people connect with God, eat lots of Balinese food, and dress up in traditional clothes to visit the temples and their families.”

Why Visit During Galungan?

Penjor line the streets. Photo by Sean Ruddy from Now Bali

To see the traditional decorations, rituals, and festivities done in Bali temples and all around. “As one of the most important religious activities on the island, Galungan provides the best opportunity to observe the most fascinating part of Bali’s unique culture. A visit to Bali during the festival will surely be an unforgettable experience for all the senses.”

How Can Tourists Be Involved?

Kuningan Festival. Photo from Hotels.com

Every village in Bali celebrates Galungan and visitors are always welcome to participate as long as they show respect for Balinese cultures and traditions. “The Galungan holidays are a beautiful opportunity for visitors to dive deeper into the cultural heritage of Bali and interact with the local community. The Balinese are very welcoming and it is very likely that you will be invited to join a temple ceremony and receive some fruit and cakes from the offerings.”

Activities To Expect

Penjor depicting ‘naga’ (dragon) symbolism. Photo by Ruben Hutabarat
  • See the Penjor (typically installed during Galungan along the front of a house)
    • Best tourist spot with Penjor is at Penglipuran Tourism Village
    • Can also explore Penglipuran and make Penjor with the help of locals
  • Cook/Taste Lawar (Balinese Cuisine famous during this holiday)
    • Made from coconut shavings, meat, veggies, and herbs
    • Tourists can cook or taste at Paksebali Village (authentic culture and nature and can provide cooking class)
Canang – Balinese hindu offerings with flowers. Photo posted on Pinterest by Grand Mirage Resort
  • Make Canang and Balinese snacks
    • A tradition 1 day before Galungan, where Balinese women are busy making canang and Balinese snacks
    • Tourists can make these at tourism villages such as the Catur tourism village, Tista tourism village, and Central Singapore tourism village
  • See people praying together in big temples in Bali
    • Praying with family is the main activity of Galungan where they pray to the temple to celebrate the victory of Dharma (goodness) against Adharma (evil)
    • Tourists can see this activity in big temples in Bali, such as Ulun Danu Beratan Temple, Besakih Temple, Tanah Lot Temple, Uluwatu Temple, Batur Temple, Lempuyang Temple, and Goa Lawah Temple.
Barong Lawang. Photo by Ahmad Syukaery
  • Watch the Barong Lawang show
    • Day after Galungan is the Umanis Galungan, where locals typically visit family or take a vacation. This is when tourists can easily see the Barong Lawang show danced on the road and into people’s homes

Top Reasons Why Tourists Enjoy Galungan

Penjor in front of each resident’s house during Galungan Day. Photo by Andreas Imanuel Wiwoho
  • Experience Bali culture in a unique and life-changing way
  • Observe a traditional Balinese festival
  • Enjoy the celebrations, food, and joyful gatherings
  • Interact with the kind and welcoming Balinese locals
  • To visit traditional Bali villages while Galungan is ongoing (for the decor and festivities)
  • Participate first-hand in ceremonies and traditions with the guidance of locals.


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