6 reasons to love Beast & Butterflies in Singapore

If the name isn’t enough to rouse you to visit, here are six other reasons to love Beast & Butterflies in sunny Singapore.

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Location, location, location

There’s something about Robertson Quay. It’s so close to the heart of the city, yet its buzz is so different, calmer and more effortless. Getting there is snappy, then you’re surrounded by beautiful people and a great selection of bars and restaurants.

The butterflies

Social butterflies flock here adorned in their finest. They air-kiss at the bar, raise their cocktails to the barflies, then flit onwards to the dinner tables (where they meet the beasts). But it’s not just social butterflies, the fashion jet set (if it’s good enough for Gary Pepper Girl...) and the globetrotters have also been spotted. Go forth, see and be seen.

The beasts

The restaurant says ‘the beast’  is unleashed within diners when they encounter the delicious creations by Chef Bryce Li.

The food is a curated selection of Asian and Western, with some crossover. We found the tender Hungarian Pork Collar with Bulgogi sauce and Tamarind Beef Shortribs to be winners, but it was really the Lobster Porridge that made us want to unleash the (sexy) beast within.

Philippe Starck

Unrelated to Tony, Philippe Starck is only one of France most renowned designers. Here, his magic unfurls through a dramatic visual presentation featuring tabletop TV-screens,  lava lamps, video projections, and a wall lined with contemporary artwork that is displayed on tablets (yep!). It may not be for everyone, but it sure is a conversation starter.


Who/what is AUSCA? Only the world’s first egg cooking robot–you want to meet it? Guess you’ll just have to spend the night to make it in time for breakfast. Which brings us to our final point…

M Social

Is there any better way to end the week (and Friday night drinks) than with a staycation? Adjacent to Beast & Butterflies, M Social offers a collection of contemporary classy, technology-forward (come meet AURA, the AUtomated Room-Service Associate) rooms. We loved the well-designed Loft Rooms with the living area downstairs and the bed upstairs–not that we had to check-in after a night out at Beast & Butterflies 😉

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