9 travel resolutions for 2019

Even if you’re not a believer of making new year’s resolutions, we think it’s a good way to give yourself a little direction for the coming 365 days. You might not always fulfil every resolution – nobody’s perfect – but if you can start 2019 with plans for your next holiday, we’d count that as a win.

I want to go on a tech detox

Solution: Switch off at the Maldives

Switch off and just be in the moment. Photo: Ishan Seefromthesky/Unsplash

Many resorts at the Maldives offer all-inclusive stays, and gives guests access to activities like water sports and other on-land entertainment (think gyms, libraries and all-day cocktails at the bar). So you definitely wouldn’t need your mobile devices for, say, Googling how to get to a restaurant. But how will your Instagram followers cope without an update on Stories? Let us tell you: they’ll be fine. Put that phone down, and go for a much-needed spa treatment or something.

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I want to learn something new

Solution: Go diving in the Philippines

Coron Philippines
Coron is just one of the many beautiful diving spots in the Philippines. Photo: John Hernandez/Unsplash

You’d need a diver’s license first to visit proper sites, but once you’re all geared up, famous destinations like Coron Island in the Palawan province and Siargao Island await. Even if you’re not a licensed diver, you can still go snorkelling to enjoy the crystal clear waters and interesting marine life.

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I want to live on the edge

Solution: Oh, there’s nothing quite like Queenstown for that

Queenstown New Zealand
What a rush, New Zealand. Photo: Pixabay

You could do the very extreme – if living on the edge is quitting your job, taking a chunk out of your savings and going for a long holiday – or you could take a big bite out of the adventure that is life itself in Queenstown, New Zealand. Much more straightforward; just as exciting. Bungee jump off a cliff, catapult yourself across a scenic valley and jet through narrow canyons at neck-break speeds. And those are just the tip of the iceberg of adventurous things you can do in the picturesque town.

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I want to go somewhere I’ve never been before

Solution: Any chance you’ve been on a South African safari?

South Africa
Seek out the Big Five. Photo: AJ Robbie/Unsplash

If you haven’t, this is definitely something you want to put on your bucket list, and tick it off this year. Safari tours in African national parks are an experience unlike any other – for one, your weekly National Geographic channel surf has got nothing on actually seeing wildlife in person. And how many people you know can actually say they’ve seen the Big Five? (The Big Five are the lion, leopard, elephant, rhinoceros and Cape buffalo.)

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I want to relax more

Solution: Go for a wellness retreat in Bali

Breathe in, breathe out. Photo: fezbot2000/Unsplash

Healing gurus, yoga retreats, spa treatments – Bali is a haven for those seeking a rejuvenating holiday. And since it’s such a multi-faceted destination, you could also visit ancient temples, café hop, dive to see the underwater sculptures and enjoy the beautiful beaches. Honestly, we won’t be surprised if you keep finding new reasons to go back to Bali.

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I want to be a more eco-conscious traveller

Solution: Do it. On any holiday.

Lembongan Bali
Places like this won’t exist if we don’t take care of the environment. Photo: Jeremy Bishop/Unsplash

Some destinations like Bali are home to clean-up projects (you may have heard of Bali’s One Island One Voice beach clean-up). Set some time in your itinerary to join these projects if you can. But even if you’re not able to, there are little things you can do to make a big difference and minimise your carbon footprint. Carry your own reusable water bottles, walk as much as possible, dine in rather than take away. And then continue these good habits at home.

I want to go on a solo adventure

Solution: Explore Japan’s attractions and discover your own hidden gems.

Solo travel and Japan are often uttered in the same sentence. Photo: Manuel Cosentino/Unsplash

Sakura season aside, there are so many reasons to visit Japan (we’ll rattle off a list if not stopped), but firstly, it’s because Japan is often praised as being a safe destination for solo travellers. You’ll determine the other reasons for yourself, since you’re going on a solo holiday and it means you get to decide everything you want to do. That said, you’ll need buckets full of discipline and a decent sense of direction at least. You’re a luxe nomad, not a lost nomad.

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I want to find myself

Solution: Start a new life in Greece. Or just enjoy a long vacation.

Mamma Mia! How beautiful is this? Photo: Jason Zeis/Unsplash

Given the opportunity and resources, would you start a new life elsewhere? It’s not just Mamma Mia giving us inspiration – it’s Greece’s postcard-perfect blue waters, charming coastal towns, stone streets, and that fresh Aegean Sea air that make us want to pack up, buy a one-way flight ticket and embark on a soul-searching journey. It absolutely doesn’t hurt if you do so from a beautiful villa.

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I want to meet new people from other cultures

Solution: Explore Thailand

We’d never tire of a view like this. Photo: Shawn Ang/Unsplash

Phuket, Hua Hin, Krabi, Pattaya, Samui – these names just roll off our tongues when it comes to talking about a culturally rich destination. It’s not just the lovely Thai people that you’ll meet; it’s other tourists from all around the globe, expats, and retirees who’ve found their slice of heaven in Thailand and so bought a villa of their own to settle down in. And we can easily see why. In the coastal towns or islands – our favourite areas in Thailand – it’s all about taking things easy, taking in the sights, dipping your feet into crystal clear waters on white-sand beaches or zip-lining across the lush rainforests. An idyllic holiday, if we ever saw one. But of course when you need it and know where to look, the nightlife is first-rate.

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