5 (Convincing) Reasons to Kick Off The Year With a Juice Cleanse

You’re going to need the energy if you want to travel the world…

Don’t be put off by the word cleanse, it not only helps control appetite and cravings but is naturally lower in calories, so it provides more concentrated nutrients than we would normally eat over the same amount of time. People who have tried juicing sometimes complain about getting headaches and missing chewing, but they’ve also lived to revel in that third-day euphoria too, so it’s a worthy challenge.

Normal Off-the-Shelf Juices versus Cold-Pressed Juices
Cold-pressed juices use a specific cold press juicer–a state of the art slow-hydraulic press that slowly presses as many vital nutrients from the produce as possible. This system does not produce or use heat in the extraction process or allow high volumes of oxidation. This means that acold-pressed juice can retain up to five times the nutrients, vitamins, and enzymes of a usual store-bought juice.

So essentially, when you buy any juice off the shelf, it’s already turned to (natural) sugar as the fruits/vegetables have started breaking down all their inner essentials.

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#1 Give your digestive system a rest

You will be able to rest your stomach, gut and liver, as a cleanse will allow your organs to focus less on digestion and more on repair and revival after this busy year. It will also ease your food decision-making – giving yourself a break from deciding what to consume for a little while…

#2 Increase your energy levels = get more done!

You’ll regain energy and clarity as well as rehydrate your body, which is highly recommended at this time of the year. A juice cleanse does this for you without you having to think about it.  

#3 Gives your body a detox from all those holiday dinners

Maximum detoxification – cleanses are alkalizing, anti-inflammatory, low sugar and antioxidant-rich which optimally supports all phases of your body’s natural detox process.

#4 Kick-start a healthy weight loss program for the new year

A cleanse will help you to reduce your appetite – juicing helps to curb cravings and provides a psychological boost to help be more mindful over the holidays. You’ll also be able to shed the extra layer and feel a bit more fabulous.

#5 Reset with nutrition and you’re ready to go!

Not feeling like your best self? Take a break, flood your body with nutrients and feel these stress-laden symptoms of ailments like headaches, bloating, congestion and even rashes wither away. Flooding your body with super nutrition – cold-pressed juice retains nutrients like no other, and drinking your food means maximum nutrient absorption.

Now that you’re pumped, where shall you go first

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