10 Good Reasons to Take a Weekend Getaway

So it’s Friday and you’ve got three choices:

a. Work through the weekend, because you’re Jack the ‘dull boy’
b. Sleep in, fuss around the house, watch Netflix and wonder where the weekend went
c. Catch an early flight, travel a little, and come home refreshed

Here are 10 reasons that validate your right choice.

#1 It’s More Affordable Than You Think

Bonus: no traffic in the sky.

Take a short flight, book a last-minute deal (cough), and put down those designer sunglasses at duty free. Trust us, because we didn’t believe it at first either, but when you invest just a little more into your weekends, you’ll feel as though you discovered the secret to life.

#2 It’s Nostalgic

We’re not saying you’re old but…

Remember the carefree days of your youth? Just say yes to adventure. Spontaneity keeps things interesting, and who’s ever wanted to live a boring life when it’s an option?

#3 So Much to Discover Your Own Backyard

When you take the path less travelled.

No two countries are alike. Bali is less than a couple of hours away yet it’s completely different from home. Even a foodie getaway to our favourite grub town Penang is polarizing from the usual Monday-to-Friday-panini-sandwich.

#4 You Need A Dose of Vitamin Sea

Soak it all in.

The calming sound of slow waves is therapeutic, right? Meditation has impeccable health benefits. So call this one a nomad’s orders.

#5 You Create the Soundtrack of Your Weekend


We love this one. You know how a song can bring back a really good memory instantly? What we like to do is create a repertoire of island-inspired tunes, and then re-listen to them when we need a mood booster during the week. Works like a charm.

#6 It’s a Good Way to Network

The beauty of the unknown.

Can’t say you’ve never met someone interesting while on vacation, can you? It’s amazing how people connect through travel. Just look at us and you!

#7 Salad isn’t a Full-Time Thing

Putting the “nom” in “nomad”.

Good riddance, feed your belly from actual food like Thai green curry and gado gado.

#8 Quality Time With the Kids

Kids really do need to get outside more these days, don’t you think?

Your passport is their textbook. Show them all the sights beyond the pages of a book, teach them things you won’t find in a classroom and encourage their imagination.

#9 It *Strengthens Relationships

Maybe, maybe not.

There’s something so thrilling about taking date night across oceans.
*Debatable. Have “the talk” first.

#10 It Starts Your Monday off Right

Definitely much more rewarding than getting through a season of Orange is the New Black.

There’s no better way to say it — a Sunday well spent brings a week of content!

You’ve got the time, and we’ve got the destinations

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Diandra Soliano

Our resident Wander Woman with a passion for languages, big cities and bronzer. When she's not listening to The Smiths a little too loudly at the office (after hours!), she can be found singing along to the soundtrack of Les Miserables with her two cats for an audience.

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