Your Ultimate Guide to Koh Samui’s Health & Wellness Scene

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Say the name Koh Samui and we immediately picture its cerulean-coloured sea, palm tree-edged beaches and famous Big Buddha shrine. Be that as it may, Thailand’s second largest island has grown to become more than just another trending destination.

Samui has long held a reputation as one of the top wellness hubs in Southeast Asia and is truly the perfect retreat for anybody looking to embark on a more holistic lifestyle. Not sure where to start? Follow us as we weave through the island’s growing repertoire of self-care offerings and pick out the best hotspots to help you achieve optimum health and wellbeing.


Repeat after us: you are what you eat. Healthy eating without compromise is what Samui’s food scene is all about. Whether you prefer organic, vegan, vegetarian, raw, keto or gluten-free, you certainly won’t be disappointed with the choices this island has to offer.

Visit Wild Tribe Café for tasty, well-presented plant-based superfoods. The establishment located at Lamai Beach road is frequently visited by tourists and locals alike and is famous for their curry. If you’re looking for delicious vegan smoothie bowls, look no further than Juice Queen in Bophut. They might be highly-recommended for their detox juices, but we reckon their breakfast menu deserves an A+ too!

Samui wouldn’t be called a vegan paradise if it wasn’t for their ample vegan-friendly dining options. Feeling fancy? Indulge in organic vegan Thai cuisine with a breathtaking ocean view at Vikasa Life Café. If cosy brunches are more your jam, give Sweet Sisters Café a try.

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Physical activity is vital if we want to keep our bodies healthy. Not only does burning fat improve our quality of life, it also helps to balance stress hormones which in return reduces depression. Basically, the main reason why staying fit comes hand-in-hand with wellness is because it’ll leave us mentally happier; but you already know all that, don’t you? 😉

The fitness community in Samui is a strong one (literally). A quick Google search and you’ll find numerous boot camps and gyms to suit your workout style. For example, if your goal is weight loss, then FitKoh might just be the right match for you. Maybe you just want to get away from your endless to-do list and work meetings that could’ve been emails. Lamai Fitness has an interesting Escape package for those suffering from career burnout woes.

Want a challenge? Light up your inner fighter with some Thai kick boxing at Superpro Samui. Muay Thai training is extremely popular on the island and it’s definitely a fun way to work up some sweat whilst also learning a thing or two about the country’s national sport.

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Yogis all over the world travel to Samui in hopes of experiencing the active yoga scene many rave about and 99.9% of the time, they leave feeling more restored than before. A form of mind-body exercise, yoga is essentially synonymous to health and wellness. Hence, if you’re not spending your mornings meditating by the beach and improving your downward dog, then you’re doing a Samui holiday all wrong.

Don’t be afraid if you can’t bend to save a life as there are plenty of centres and instructors available on the island to guide you. The Yogarden offers daily Yoga and Pilates classes in their open air garden sala while Shahda Yoga Studio is a good alternative if you want to loosen those tight and imbalanced muscles.

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Beyond the essential oils and flower baths, spa treatments encourage the renewal of mind, body and spirit. Long gone are the days where pamper sessions were reserved for special occasions. Today, spa holidays are all about focusing on our wellbeing plus the importance of self-care and we’re absolutely here for it!

Nestled amidst forested hillside with amazing giant granite rock formations, Tamarind Springs Forest Spa prides themselves with impeccable service and a variety of healing treatments depending on your needs and preference. Best part? You get to ‘Steam & Dream’ for as long as you like in their herbal rock caves and drift in the rolling waters of their rock plunge pools. Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it?!

For those who suffer from insomnia and sleep imbalance, we’d recommend giving Kamalaya’s sleep enhancement program a try. The multi-award-winning holistic resort’s sleep retreat (available as a stand-alone 7 or 9 night program and also as an add-on to other programs) exists to combat sleep difficulties by incorporating treatments such as Shirodhara, acupuncture and foot massage.

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Koh Samui is no stranger to stunning private luxury villas with five-star service and no authentic holistic adventure on the island is complete without a sanctuary you can call home.

Get physical at Baan Kilee, a beachfront villa within the Chai Talay Estate with 8-bedrooms and 8-bathrooms. Staying at this villa means that you’ll have access to an amazing outdoor cinema, large 22-metre pool and the estate’s world-class gym and training grounds set in 1 acre of organic gardens (yay for locally grown ingredients!). What’s more, the estate also offers team-building boot camps and personalised wellness retreats in collaboration with Orion Detox Centre that’s just a 6-minute bike ride away!

L2 Residence, on the other hand, is a 3-bedroom hillside getaway located in the exclusive Santhikiri Estate. A better option for small groups, this villa boasts gorgeous panoramic views across the Gulf of Siam and has a floating yoga deck. Fun fact: L2 is only a short 3-minute drive from the Kamalaya health resort we mentioned above. #score!

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Who’s in the mood to go on a wellness journey in Samui?

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