Star Sign Sidekick: 6 Reasons Why You Should Travel With a Cancer

Looking for a travel  buddy? You’ve got a good one in a Cancer. They’re warm, nurturing, and will hold your hand Murad Osmann-style around the world. They’ve always been there for you, in fact they’ve laughed and cried with you more times than you can even remember. Since it is their birthday month, how about the gift of travel? A legit and completely reliable source has named Phuket, Thailand as a Cancer’s ideal destination, just so you know. Now here are 6 reasons why you should travel with a Cancer!

#1 They’ll Make You Feel at Home

They’re homebodies by nature and will do anything to make you feel safe and secure, wherever in the world you may be. It’s no coincidence either — Cancers are ruled by the Moon, aka mother of the heavens. Their protective nature comes into full-force, making sure no one gets lost at the night market and taking everyone’s order at dinner.

#2 They’ll Remember to Pack your Passport

Roads, your flight schedule, train routes, your tour guide’s name even — there’s not much a Cancer can forget or miss in detail. When it comes to packing, they’ve probably even packed extras of everything to relieve their anxiety. Looking for a wet wipe? Ask the Cancer, they’ve got enough for a country. Be sure to thank them though, Cancers put up an icy tough-mum front, but they’re secretly very emotion-governed and gratitude goes a long way with them.

#3 The Bad Times Pass Quick

Ugh, what’s worse then fighting on holiday, right? Try acting out under a Cancer’s watch — suggest something reckless, and watch how the Cancer reacts with the silent treatment, as if to enact a crab retreating into its shell. That’s why (probably?) the crab is the sign’s totem. Luckily with a Cancer, these moods pass quickly granted you leave them to it. They’ll come out bright and shining after.

#4 They Know How to Have Fun

But only once you give them a push out the door. Otherwise, a Cancer can be found dozing off on a hammock indoors. They’ve got great intuition and know when a plan sounds too good to be true (like a cheap yacht rental deal), so go with their word. Watch out, they can get manipulative when they want something bad — like a date night away on a private island,  and may sneak their way around setting the whole thing up. They’re fiercely loyal and generally great planners, why not let them have fun doing what they do best?

#5 They’re Good with Money

That yacht deal you (almost) bought into? The Cancer did the math in a second. They know what you should and shouldn’t spend too much money on, and are always keeping tabs on your funds for the trip. Security is really important to a Cancer, after all. Just don’t accuse them of being insanely thrifty, you know how emotional they can get — and do you really want a repeat of #3?

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