What it’s like to stay at an all-inclusive spa resort

Located on the coastline along Cam Ranh in Nha Trang, southern Vietnam, Fusion Resort sits on high sand dunes inviting uninterrupted ocean views from every villa. There’s so much to come home and brag about: complete privacy, for starters. But what got us the most was knowing we were about to get seriously pampered at least twice a day (or more!), with any spa treatment of our choice.

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What you see isn’t always what you get when it comes to travel. Pictures often deceive and you’re stuck there thinking “Err, is that all?”. But one thing really struck us as we walked through the airy lobby of Fusion Resort Cam Ranh, looking out to a vast ocean as far as the eye can see: it felt like we’d been there before. Not physically, but through endless hours at work where we remain in a permanent state of wanderlust.

Our “Fusionista”, Michael, gave us a quick tour of our Ocean View Pool Villa (“you can call the concierge if you want them to draw you a nice bath when you’re out”) and showed us a few cool things: a television that emerges from the wooden floor, an outdoor rain shower and a bottle of chilled watermelon juice in an ice bucket. Michael then left us with a map, pinpointed with a few things he thought we might enjoy.

But in the end, it was the Bluetooth speaker that stole the show. As silly as it sounds, we can’t imagine what our stay would have been without it.

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We headed to the spa the next morning. We started with the Muscle Tension Relief massage and the Himalayan Foot Reflexology. Uncompromisingly addicted to facials and skincare, we really loved the Jade Roller Face Lift, which if its description doesn’t lie, has chi-balancing effects. We coupled that with, for me, a Caviar Anti-ageing Facial that Maya, the spa’s manager, says uses generous amounts of caviar, and for him, a Gentleman’s Facial.

For our last day, we set appointments for a Vietnamese Coffee Scrub and Body Sculpting Therapy (the trip came soon after Christmas binge eating so this was a no-brainer, really) just hours before our flight home. It wasn’t until the morning of that we realised we were overly ambitious and sadly, called for a last-minute cancellation. If you enjoy fancy baths, the nourishing milk bath and detox slimming bath sound amazing.


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Mornings were something else at Fusion Resort Cam Ranh. The full glass doors right in front of our bed opened up to the pool, facing ocean views. Sleeping in never seemed tempting as we had a full morning at the spa booked. Breakfast is held at Fresh Restaurant, but another draw of the resort is that breakfast can be served any way you like, be it in your suite or villa, at the main infinity pool or on the beach, at any time of the day.

We opted for the breakfast buffet (as grown adults we can’t ask for milk cups with sprinkles with a serious face) and sat close to the pool. By night, we decided to stay in and order from the room service, which is not something we usually do but it was hard (tough life, huh?) leaving the villa when it had everything we wanted for the night. By that, we mean buckets of Saigon beer ordered from Zen Bar.

Extras: The resort is perfect for honeymooners and couples, but there’s also a playground and two-bedroom villas for families or small groups. And if you see something you like around, you might find it for sale among the candles and artwork in the Maia boutique.

Luxe tip: Remember to pack some workout clothes so you can also attend the resort’s yoga and meditation classes, as well as make full use of the gym, sauna and steam room.

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