5 Onsens in Niseko to Soak Up All Your Troubles!

Want a one-of-a-kind onsen experience in Niseko?

In Japan, onsen culture traces its origins from over thousands of years ago. The country’s geographic features, with 111 active volcanoes, gifted them with mineral-rich hot springs. Sulphur, iron, calcium, and magnesium are just some of the minerals found in the warm water, which makes the onsen experience beneficial in more ways than one.

Bathing in onsen began for reasons that spanned epic to convenient: for samurais to heal their wounds from battle, for good health and fortune, and of course, to simply keep warm during cold winter months. These days, soaking in an onsen is linked to lots of health benefits like increasing blood circulation, pain relief, treating skin problems, reducing stress, and promoting a good night’s sleep.

Whether as an homage to tradition or to reap some of its benefits, a long, warm soak in an onsen is a must-try when in Japan, and something we recommend especially with stays that have one on-site!

Want to try a luxe onsen experience in Niseko? Check these out:

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1. Hideaway on Escarpment

Walk into this minimalist yet cozy chalet and a sleek Japanese onsen-style bath will welcome you right in the center. Adding to the 2.5 bedroom’s luxurious aesthetic, the onsen also gives you peaceful views of Mount Yotei, Niseko Valley and beyond as you take a dip.

Starts at USD675++ a night | BOOK NOW

2. The Vale Niseko

For an elevated soak, this ski-in ski-out gives guests a full-fledged thermal experience: a designer onsen, an outdoor heated pool, and a sauna. These you can enjoy with a 5-star accommodation of your choice, ranging from hotel rooms or 1, 2, or 3-bedroom luxury apartments.

Starts at USD296++ a night | BOOK NOW

3. Ki Niseko

Looking for variety? This ski-in ski-out in Upper Hirafu has both natural indoor and outdoor onsens, plus 2 more private ones for you to try. Regardless of which you choose, awesome views of Mount Yotei and Resort Mountain are guaranteed.

Starts at USD185++ a night | BOOK NOW

4. AYA Niseko

Après ski onsen? After a long day at the slopes, and with the help of a complimentary ski valet service, retreat to the warm hotel onsen, or enjoy a private soak when you book a Residence or Penthouse unit.

Starts at USD122++ a night | BOOK NOW

5. Miru Niseko


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Ofuro is another name for a traditional Japanese bath, similar to an onsen but without the natural spring minerals. Still, the healing benefits and relief remain the same. This boutique destination hotel has beautiful indoor and outdoor ofuro for contemplation and utmost relaxation.

Starts at USD199++ a night | BOOK NOW

Shall we soak?

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