Summer Loving in Rusutsu: Your Ultimate 2024 Guide

Summer is just around the corner, and we simply couldn’t be more excited to get our travel on! While the usual tropical destinations are tempting, this year, we’ve set our sights on a hidden paradise tucked away amidst Hokkaido’s tranquillity.

Famed for its snowy trails, expansive white landscapes, and frosted foliage, Rusutsu epitomises the magic of Hokkaido’s winters. But, as the seasons change, this winter wonderland undergoes a remarkable transformation.

Rusutsu Winter

In the warmer months, Rusutsu comes alive with sun-drenched expanses, rolling hills, clear blue skies, and lush greenery. Perfect for families and travellers seeking a unique summer experience away from the typical tropical spots, this picturesque paradise offers the perfect blend of sun-kissed serenity and adventure for an unforgettable summer escape.

While you may be familiar with Rusutsu’s winter attractions, summer unveils a whole new world to discover. From outdoor adventures to getting up close with the region’s wildlife, and even cooking and handicraft classes, there’s something for everyone! Ready to plan your perfect summer getaway? Here’s our ultimate guide to everything you can’t miss in Rusutsu for Summer 2024:


Amusement Park

This spot tops our list for a reason! Located within the Rusutsu Ski Resort, you’ll find Hokkaido’s largest amusement park, Rusutsu Amusement Park. Filled with an array of adventures and activities for the whole family, from thrilling rides and roller coasters to kiddie rides and play areas, and even a petting zoo, there’s a world of fun waiting for everyone here!

With summertime specials including an outdoor Super Jumbo Pool and a special firework festival, this spot becomes one of Hokkaido’s most popular attractions during the warmer months. Whether you’re revelling in breathtaking views from the Yotei Gondola, exploring the Cycle Trail, petting the park’s resident sheep, or savouring some delicious park-style fare between thrill rides, Rusutsu Amusement Park is an absolute must-visit when in town, especially during the vibrant summer months.


Exploring Nature

Surrounded by sweeping vistas of Hokkaido’s striking natural environment, with magnificent mountains, lush greenery, serene rivers, and crystal-clear skies, Rusutsu is the ultimate summer paradise for the outdoorsman. For the thrill-seekers, Rusutsu boasts a wide array of outdoor activities. Dive into the excitement with rafting, canoeing, and mountain biking, or explore the resort’s various natural tours and adventures. Whether you’re navigating rapids, exploring trails, or biking through scenic routes, there’s no shortage of adrenaline-pumping activities here!

Rusutsu Nature

If you prefer a slower pace, Rusutsu also offers a bounty of more relaxed adventures. Explore the region with a serene horseback ride through its breathtaking landscapes, find your perfect fishing spot to reel in an afternoon, frolic amongst fields of colourful flowers, or get up close and personal with Hokkaido’s finest produce through a farm-to-table vegetable harvesting experience. For the ultimate exploration of the land and sky, take on Rusutsu from a completely new angle with a whimsical hot-air balloon ride! With a world of activities tailored for every type of outdoorsman, Rusutsu’s summers provide the perfect playground for travellers of all ages, ensuring tonnes of fun for the little ones and a memorable getaway for the whole family.


Golf Courses

Home to one of Hokkaido’s most popular golf courses, Rusutsu welcomes you to a day of eagles and birdies amidst lush greenery and the majestic Mt. Yotei as your backdrop. This expansive 72-hole golf resort boasts diverse terrains, perfect for seasoned pros, beginners, and the little ones alike. The resort features four distinct courses: Tower Course, Izumikawa Course, River Course, and Wood Course, each reflecting the colourful changing seasons and natural tapestry of Rusutsu.

Rusutsu Golfing

Designed by pro golfer Jumbo Ozaki, the Tower Course features gentle hills, broad fairways narrowing toward the greens, and natural water hazards, offering a fun challenge for all skill levels. Ideal for beginners, the Izumikawa Course’s varied hilly terrain provides an excellent practice setting amidst stunning scenery. The River Course, on the other hand, offers a challenging layout with spectacular views of Mt. Yotei and Mt. Shiribetsu, perfect for golfers looking to test their skills. Finally, the Wood Course, with its scenic hills, lush forests, and natural hazards, is perfect for those seeking a challenging round amidst stunning natural surroundings.


Kid-Friendly Activities

For something special for the little ones, make sure to check out the many family-friendly workshops the resort hosts, including local handicraft classes, glass workshops, leaf printing and more! Feeling sporty? Head over to Rusutsu Arena for an exhilarating climbing and indoor bouldering class, or get your A-game on for a friendly match of table tennis.

Rusutsu Kid Friendly

But, when in town, something you simply can’t miss is the resort’s pièce de résistance—its whimsical two-storey indoor merry-go-round. Made by the same creator who designed its twin for Michael Jackson’s Neverland, this carousel is a one-of-a-kind artefact, being one of only two of its kind in the entire world, making it an absolute must-see, for the kids and the young at heart.



No visit to Hokkaido is complete without a taste of its world-famous produce—and Rusutsu serves up a decadent feast for those with an appetite for the finer things in life. From casual feasts to local fare, local brews, and gourmet dining experiences, Rusutsu has something to suit every taste. With an array of immersive farm-to-table experiences and cooking classes available within the resort, you’ll indulge in food experiences like never before.

Rusutsu Food

With so many delicious options to choose from, you’re absolutely spoiled for choice! But we have to admit, we have our favourites. For a taste of Hokkaido’s bounty, check out Oktoberfest’s generous buffet spread, featuring a careful selection of the region’s finest ingredients. For an authentic Japanese indulgence, head to Kazahana for a seasonally curated kaiseki experience. If you’re at the Amusement Park, make sure to take a pit stop at Ruth & Moose Forest Café for some delicious brick-oven pizzas, hamburgers, and kid-friendly meals. For breakfast or a quick bite, Névé Café serves up a scrumptious spread of cafe-style food, artisanal coffees, and even vegan-friendly picks. And finally, end your day with a Rusutsu-special craft beer at the Pub Cricket Craft Bar and Grill.


Other Activities

While Rusutsu’s outdoors are a sight to behold, the interiors of the resort offer a whole other world of wonders to explore. Whether you’re in the mood for retail therapy, wellness treatments, or fun family-friendly activities, you’re in luck! Crowning Rusutsu’s ski resort is its expansive convention centre. Decked in aesthetic nostalgia, the centre hosts an array of shops and souvenir stores, where you can find everything from unique local crafts to high-quality sports gear.

Rusutsu Activities

After a day of adventuring and exploring, head over to one of the resort’s many wellness facilities and treat yourself to some well-deserved self-care. Relax and soothe your mind, body, and spirit with a variety of spa treatments, or immerse yourself in the serene and healing waters of a traditional Japanese Onsen for some mineral-rich rejuvenation. Finally, end your night with a spectacular display of sounds and colours at the Kamori Wonder Lights display, or explore the resort’s twinkling Stardust Avenue and Light Maze for a magical end to a magical day.


Where To Stay

With so much to explore and discover around Rusutsu, you’re in for a summer itinerary like no other! From outdoor escapes to wellness, thrilling adventures, and so much more, Rusutsu places you perfectly in the midst of all the action. And when it comes to your stay, The Vale presents you with the perfect blend of luxury, convenience and serenity.

The Vale Rusutsu

Positioned just steps away from Rusutsu Convention Centre, The Vale grants you unparalleled access to Rusutsu’s finest attractions, including the amusement park, golf courses, wellness facilities, and various indoor and outdoor activities. With its luxurious well-appointed rooms, array of in-house amenities including an on-site cafe, and prime location, The Vale ensures your summer getaway is nothing short of extraordinary.

The Luxe Nomad

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