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At The Luxe Nomad, we’re all for living the good life – but giving back as well. As modern-day travellers, it’s impossible for us to ignore our impact on the environment. We do what we can to limit it, whether that’s by supporting eco-tourism, cutting down on single-use plastics or actively helping to clean up the beaches and seas.

A working seabin in use. Image: The Seabin Project

That’s why our newest project is such an exciting one: building and installing a seabin at Hong Kong’s Aberdeen Marina Club. “The seabin is a fantastic invention,” explains The Luxe Nomad CEO Stephanie Chai. “It’s a floating bin the docks that draws in rubbish and litter – but not fish! – with little need for human assistance, apart from emptying the bin. It also doubles up as an educational tool to create more awareness for the issue the world is facing globally with the fight against plastics.”

In just one year, one seabin can catch: 90,000 plastic bags, 35,700 disposable cups, 16,500 plastic bottles and 166,500 plastic utensils.

This is where you come in. We’re looking to raise SGD7,500 to cover the costs of having the seabin built, shipped over from France and installed at the Aberdeen Marina Club. Any amount you can donate to the cause would be hugely appreciated, and once we’ve got one seabin in, we’ll be able to use the data and awareness to facilitate more seabins around the country and the region. “I remember going on boating trips in Hong Kong last summer and honestly just not wanting to jump into the water as it was so polluted, especially when you’re closer to the harbour,” says Stephanie. “The seabin may not fix the problem overnight, but it’s a step in the right direction.”

If you’d like to help us buy a seabin, click here to donate!

Emma Chong Johnston

Emma is a new mum, compulsive shopper and cityslicker through and through. Perfect holiday: shops, sunshine and gelato (and maybe a babysitter).

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