This week in travel: Do you dare dine on Mount Everest?

“Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before” — Dalai Lama

The Great Wall of China is getting restored! 

Where: The Great Wall of China in Beijing

What: This is one restoration that requires plenty of work; it is a structure over 2,300 years old and 21,196km long! Not to mention, certain parts of the wall are closed to the public, steep and very rocky. Enter, drones. Intel and the China Foundation for Cultural Heritage Conservation will use drones to scan 3D images of the wall, bringing this world wonder one step closer to being as good as new.

Behold the world’s highest pop-up restaurant

Where: Mount Everest

What: At 11,600 feet above sea level, “Triyagyoni” at the Everest Base Camp would be the world’s highest pop-up restaurant. This project is the work of four chefs and ten diners to take an eight-day trek to the base, ending with a seven-course meal. But this is more than just a fancy dinner that hopes to set a world record – Triyagyoni intends to rraise awareness of sustainability issues, and money raised from tickets will go to local charities. If you’re curious (or rich), each ticket goes for USD5,600.

Passengers were pissed that tomato juice was no longer served

Where: On United Airlines flights

When: When you take away tomato juice, you take away Bloody Mary cocktails! That’s just the problem United Airlines passengers faced and they were not happy at the slightest. Luckily, the airline was quick to address the complaints, telling SF Gate in a statement that they will be bringing it back onboard as part of their complimentary beverage offering.

How British Airways is celebrating the royal wedding

Where: On the British Airways Flight BA93 to Toronto on May 19

What: To celebrate the royal wedding and the royal couple, British Airways Flight BA93 to Toronto on May 19 will be operated by an all-star crew of only Meghans and Harrys and any customers with the name Harry, Meghan or Megan together with their travel companions departing from Terminal 5 at London Heathrow Airport will be invited to use the airline’s First lounge, accessed through the exclusive First Wing.

New on The Luxe Nomad

Where: Eco Gypsy House in Seseh, Bali

What: The Eco Gypsy House is a private handcrafted hideaway of 3 individually designed traditional wooden houses or joglos in the fishing village of Seseh, Bali. 100 metres walk from a secluded beach, it is a tranquil eco-luxury home perfect for surfers, families or friends, wanting to be close to the dynamic area of Canggu, yet away from it all in a serene beachside setting. Each traditional wooden house has been designed & intricately hand carved by artisans in Java and Bali with the interiors curated from around the Indonesian Archipelago and global destinations.

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