Where to get the world’s best street food: Top cities revealed!

My Late Deals has released its 2019 Street Food City Index! The index ranks the best cities in the world for filling up hungry stomachs based on factors like the number of vendors, affordability, sanitation and experiences. While most of us would have thought that Singapore would have reigned supreme (seriously, who doesn’t love a good Hawker market?!), it only came out at #4! Read on to find out which city claimed the crown.

#1 Hong Kong

Image by Malcolm Surgenor CC 2.0

Total points: 93/120

Moderately affordable, great food, super sanitary – Hong Kong got full marks in sanitation and scored 23 out of 30 for both the number of vendors and the overall experience!

#2 Bangkok

Image by Tore Bustad CC 2.0

Total points: 90/120

Not the cleanest, but super affordable and really darn tasty – Bangkok’s street food only received a 13 out of 30 for sanitation, but got top marks in affordability and a 29 out of 30 for the experience!

#3 Ho Chi Minh

Image by Marco Verch CC 2.0

Total points: 89/120

Affordable, delicious and tons of variety, but make sure your stomach is made of iron! Ho Chi Minh’s street food scored a measly 5 for sanitation but hit 25 for the number of vendors, a 29 for affordability and a full 30 for the experience!

#4 Singapore

Image by Michelle Robinson CC 2.0

Total points: 86/120

Singapore coulda, woulda, shoulda reigned supreme expect it’s pretty expensive and apparently, there aren’t as many street food vendors as we think there are. Singapore had excellent marks for experiences (25) and sanitation (30) but only received 19 points for the number of vendors and a 12 for affordability.

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#5 Mumbai

Image by Ivan Komarov CC 2.0

Total points: 78/120

Not for those who easily get food poisoning, but when it comes to variety and affordability, Mumbai is the place to be! Mumbai’s sanitation levels got a terrible score of 4 but hit a full 30 for the number of vendors and a 23 for affordability.

#6 Rome

Image by Evelyn Hill CC 2.0

Total points: 76/120

The food in Rome is clean and, as you’d expect, is great! Rome scored a 30 for sanitation and a 28 for the street food experience. What knocked it down was the limited availability of vendors (14) and the high prices (4)!

#7 Tel Aviv

Image by Jorge Lascar CC 2.0

Total points: 73/120

Street food for the rich and the famous! Tel Aviv got a 2 (a 2!) for affordability but had great marks for the number of vendors (20), the experience (21) and sanitation (30).

#8 Sydney

Image by Marc Dalmulder CC 2.0

Total points: 72/120

Can’t say we’re surprised that Sydney’s street food isn’t particularly affordable – it scored a 7 – but the plethora of food trucks parked around the city earned it a 28 out of 30 in the number of vendors, and it also had perfect sanitation marks!

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#9 Mexico City

Image by Carl Campbell CC 2.0

Total points: 70/120

Tacos, anyone? Mexico City scored down the middle in each category (21 for the number of vendors, 19 for affordability, 16 for experiences and 14 for sanitation) – meaning we’d probably eat all churros we could find before trying a few of the other locations on this list.

#10 Portland

Image by Cocoabiscuit CC 2.0

Total points: 69/120

It’s little surprise to us that Portland finished in the Top 10 this year. It’s not the most affordable place to get food, with a score of 6, but there are so many food trucks in the city that they’re hard to ignore. What did surprise us is that their sanitation levels were pretty average – a 20!

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Where are you eating tonight?

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