How to Instagram Like A Top Blogger on Vacation

You’ve got the same iPhone, booked the same villa, and your beach wardrobe is pretty stellar too — so why does her trip look way cooler? Well it could be because you’re still on ‘hot dog legs’ while she’s busting out a yoga move that makes your head spin. We’ve talked about the trinity of great travel shots and more (timing, editing, hashtags) but her we get straight to it — shots that you can and should recreate on your next vacation. Watch and learn, nomads.

#1 Flat Lays are Everything

Pineapple for effect.

What are your travel essentials? Your followers want to know!

#2 Grab Somebody Sexy

11755680_920339988004806_269960025587102099_n (1)
Tell ’em hey!

Just uhm, make sure the photographer isn’t too offended.

#3 Get Fancy


You never know when the paparazzi — your travel buddy, a self-timer and tripod, or a random stranger — will pop up.

#4 Street Food Snaps

Girls gotta eat.

A great pose if you’re trying something that looks questionable, and you don’t know how you might react.

#5 Zoom Out

Candid? No one has to know.

Composition is everything. You don’t always have to be in the middle, especially when waves are crashing in beautifully.

#6 The Casual Beach Stroll

The light hair-grab makes everything a little more casual.

Not a fan of the smile-and-bend-your-arm-awkwardly shot? Act nonchalant.

#7 We are All Made of Stars

Seaweed doesn’t work quite as well.

Find them.

#8 No Squinting, No Worry

Remember to accessorise. Pile them all on.

It’s sunny out, and you’re not keen on going make-up free. This works!

#9 Yeah, I Yoga


Or maybe a simple tree pose?

#10 And of Course, Selfie

You don’t even have to try.

Easy peasy, right?

Let’s #wanderlust together. 

Photo credits: Main, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.



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