Nude Yoga Girl tells us how she actually takes her photos

Her instagram handle may sound provocative, but Nude Yoga Girl‘s photos are anything but. The anonymous blogger creates beautiful imagery of yoga poses (that are, yes, nude) in the most stunning and visually arresting scenery around the world. After her recent stay in Koh Samui, we asked Nude Yoga Girl just how the concept came about, and whether she’s ever been walked in on while posing…

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How did the @nudeyogagirl concept come about?
I started my @nude_yogagirl account in November 2015. I found a new way to express myself by bringing all of my passions together. Photography, yoga and writing. It was just a spontaneous moment when I asked my boyfriend to help me try and take this kind of photos. After seeing them I though that even if I was nude the photos looked artistic. And that’s where it all started from…

How does a typical nude yoga shoot go for you?
Sometime I browse for pose inspiration online or sometimes I just go with the flow! Usually I warm up beforehand and then take photos with my boyfriend. We started with black and white studio photos, and after a year we expanded to shooting outside and also in colour. Our next step is to go underwater more often! I’ve posted one black and white underwater photo so far.

Has anyone ever walked in on you during a shoot?
On a few occasions! We mainly photograph in completely private locations but sometimes if a location is very nice we try and take a few photos there very early in the morning. I’ve also written a blog post about it.

What’s the most challenging shoot location you’ve ever done? 
Probably in Lapland! We were on this amazing tussock cottongrass field and the light was great. The only challenge were all the mosquitos and a wet swamp. But in the end we managed to take a few photos very quickly!

Where would you like to shoot, if you didn’t have to worry about people?
I’ve actually never thought about it in that way! As most of the locations I dream about are secluded and in nature. But it would be amazing to do a photoshoot in front of the Eiffel Tower!

You’ve said before “I think nude is the most natural way.” What are some of the challenges you’ve faced while pursuing your work as @nudeyogagirl, and how did you overcome them?
As I’m anonymous and nude, the biggest challenge is in the photography. Sometimes a photo taken looks great but if my most intimate parts are not hidden or my face shows a little bit too much, I’m unable to publish the photo on Instagram. But I really enjoy this challenge in the photography too.

What’s your fitness routine like?
My main exercise is to practice yoga. In addition, I do some bodyweight workouts or go to the gym. I also like running. I don’t have any strict workout schedules etc. but I like to listen to my body and practice according to how I feel.

Making the most of the gym at Baan Kilee

What’s your typical diet?

I eat plant-based food. I love vegetables, nuts, rice and especially fruits! I want to be flexible with what I eat, meat is the only thing what I don’t eat. I always prefer unprocessed and local food. For me it’s very important to have the right balance in everything.
Fresh fruit at Baan Kilee

What do you love about the villas you stayed at in Koh Samui? Do you have a favourite spot in each villa?
All the villas are very truly amazing and I loved them all. So comfortable and enjoyable to stay in! I like the fact that they all have different characteristics. Great for photography.

I particularly loved the infinity pool at Villa Blue View! The ocean view from the hillside was one to remember. Plus, the beachside pool at Baan Kilee and the interior décor in the bedrooms.

Ban Sairee had an amazing beach that was almost completely secluded! I really liked the wooden characteristics of the buildings also, and the tall palm trees in the garden.

What was your perfect photo moment in Samui? 

I was really excited about the wooden patio with ocean views at the L2 Residence. It’s such a unique place! I couldn’t wait to take some photos there and they turned out just as I imagined. I also loved the interiors of the whole villa.

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