Everything you need to know before planning a holiday photo shoot

There’s no photo like a vacation photo – everyone’s relaxed, the backdrops are always good, and you probably bought yourself a whole new wardrobe for the occasion. But what could make it even better? Outsourcing the whole taking-photos part to a professional, one who knows the best places to go, how to make your jawline pop, and isn’t going to get grumpy after the third shot.

Enter SweetEscape, an app-based photography service that will hook you up with a professional photographer wherever you are in the world. No need to nag your long-suffering partner for more photos, or to rope in that long-suffering waiter; book a photo session and get all the perfectly lit photos you could dream of. But how do you make the most of your time? We asked SweetEscape photographers around the world for their top tips on getting the best holiday photos (and most of them involve colour-coordinating your outfits). P.S. Scroll to the end for a cheeky discount code!

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What should you prepare ahead of time to make sure the shoot goes smoothly?
Tim, SweetEscape photographer in Paris: Outfits! If you’re in Paris, go for elegance. You can also keep it fun and sensible with just jeans and sneakers. It’s important to customise your outfit based on the occasion and pay attention to details. Keep in mind that you’ll be shooting for at least an hour so you want to make sure you’re comfortable, especially if it’s cold.

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It’s also important to tell your photographer the purpose of your shoot and if you have something specific in mind. It can be just a mood, like cute family photos, or something more specific, like themed photoshoots. The more information the better.

What’s the best thing about using a local photographer?
Mizuki, SweetEscape photographer in Tokyo: SweetEscape photographers are like local guides. They can give you insights on their hometown, showing you hidden gems other than the tourist spots. So, clients shouldn’t be shy about asking for recommendations about the destination and good places to visit. Think of the photographer as your local friend.

Image: SweetEscape

What makes the best holiday photos?
Kate, SweetEscape photographer in Queenstown: Everything makes up a great holiday photo. From the places you choose to spending time with your loved ones, the special moment you’re celebrating, to the memories you want to preserve. Don’t forget to show some emotions, nice poses, and colour-coordinated clothes during a photoshoot. What I personally do after each holiday is get a photo book printed with all my holiday snaps. They are great to look back on in years to come and keep those wonderful holiday memories alive.

Image: SweetEscape

What’s your number one tip for families?
Kateryna, SweetEscape photographer in Rome: Have colour-coordinated outfits, and think about the kind of background you’d like to bring home with you. In Rome, we have big monuments, unique architecture, narrow cobblestone streets and cute small cafés that really show the Rome atmosphere. Before the shoot, it is important to plan what kind of locations you want to cover and what kind of activities you want to include.

Image: SweetEscape

If you have small children, be mindful of time of the day that they’re the most cheerful. Usually, that is the best time to shoot.

What kind of shoots do people usually ask for?
Reza, SweetEscape photographer in Jakarta: My favourite type of shoots are family holiday and couple shoot, for pre-nuptials, anniversaries, or honeymoons. Recently, we’ve had a lot of inquiries to capture life’s milestones, such as graduations and birthdays. The theme is always bright and happy, clients like to show their best side, celebrating the time away from their daily routine with their loved ones.

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Emma is a new mum, compulsive shopper and cityslicker through and through. Perfect holiday: shops, sunshine and gelato (and maybe a babysitter).

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