Photo Storytelling and Working as a digital nomad in Bali with Our Tale

It all begins with imagination and a tale to tell

As a creative branding & consulting agency based in Indonesia, Our Tale specializes in helping brands present their tale to the public. Believing in the power of an unforgettable story, Our Tale values stories and powerful narratives that lead and inspire across culture, history, and people as well. Here we talk to Our Tale who recently shot some of our best Bali villas, capturing their souls that we should “discover, nurture, and tell to the public.”

Along with narrating how they were able to translate the essence of these villas through photos, they also give us an account of how it has been working as a digital nomad in Bali in the midst of the pandemic and how it has influenced their day-to-day work life.

OurTale Villa Melissa

First, can you tell us about your agency and the tasks that you do?

Our Tale is a creative branding & consulting agency that specializes in guiding and preparing businesses to present their tale to the public. We offer various services encompassing creative branding. This goes especially for social media management, photography, videography, branding, ads management, and many more. All of our projects are handled with the hands of highly skilled experts in their field to create and forge the most meaningful, deepest, and lasting connections between brand ideas and people.

What details do you believe make the best photographs? How do these details reflect on your work?

The best photographs lie within capturing the right moment. Not necessarily with the perfect angle, but an angle that captures the moment perfectly.

You recently stayed at and shot Villa Melissa, Villa Mary, and Villa Pangi Gita. How were your stays and what did you think were the standout features of the villas?

The stays at the three villas were fantastic, the amenities and hospitality provided were perfect. The standout features of the villas were that even with their modern interiors, they still captured the essence and beauty of Bali as the Island of Gods.

OurTale Pangi Gita

Do you have any special Bali spots you haven’t shot yet but want to?

Bali has many captivating spots to be photographed. One of our favourites would be Nyang Nyang Beach. We haven’t succeeded to do a photoshoot there due to the challenging terrains. The beach has natural white sand accompanied by green hills beside it. One of the main attractions of Nyang Nyang beach would be the serenity and its iconic shipwreck. We would need a capable team to be able to hike down to Nyang Nyang beach to get the perfect shot.

Being an Indonesian-based agency, how do you think Bali changed during the pandemic?

Bali’s tourism industry has been hit hard by the pandemic. The industry is troubled, however, Bali as a whole has not given up on this trouble we all face. We are positive that business will strive again in the future.

Give us some insight into what it’s like being a digital nomad during the pandemic.

Being a digital nomad during the pandemic has given us a challenging job. Business is not working as usual, many did not survive. But, we are grateful to be able to work anywhere away from the crowds. The main key is to adapt to the current situation.

How do you come up with unique ideas and draw inspiration for a brand when stuck?

The whole team really tries to avoid burnout. We believe that burnout produces output that is not optimal. Therefore, whenever we feel stuck during brainstorming sessions, we always wrap it up and postpone the discussion until the next meeting. With hope, each team member then comes back with ‘fresher eyes’ and brings in their unique ideas to discuss with the whole team.

Could you tell us how COVID-19 has impacted your work and projects overall?

The impact of COVID-19 for Our Tale as a creative agency is broadly related to the campaign implementation. Before the pandemic, there were many offline events that could be worked on with client brands. Nowadays, many campaigns have to be done online. One thing is for sure, we were able to adapt and stay productive during the pandemic. We always try to see this pandemic from a positive perspective.


What’s the next journey for Our Tale?

While we keep on growing and making a good impact on others, Our Tale will always be committed to helping brands nurture their brand soul. We have a plan to have an NFT studio, expand into crypto digital products, and be one of the brands that carry those things. Moreover, Our Tale aspires to have a sister company engaged in a foundation that is related to branding programs. For the long term in the future, Edbert Renardy, as founder and CEO of Our Tale, wants to provide easy access to free learning programs for people who have a strong willingness to learn about branding.


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