Dollar Quarrels: How to Avoid Money Fights on Holiday

Going on a trip with your besties look good on paper, but in reality, it might be as painful as watching a Justin Bieber concert.

Here are 6 ways to avoid money fights when you’re on a holiday.

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#1 Who pays for cab?

This lil' kitty demands you pool your money in the hat.
This lil’ kitty demands you pool your money in the hat.

Everyone! Compile a holiday kitty where everyone contributes a set amount that will be used to pay for all cab rides. Since buses and trains require a personal pass or ticket, there shouldn’t be any money fights there.

#2 Bill splitter

You just know everyone is wondering how to split that bill.
5 people are easy, but you might need an aerospace engineer to calculate for 23.

The big question; who pays for the meal? In order not to look like Scrooge McDuck on Christmas Eve, you can download bill splitter apps to avoid splitting your brain over the receipts. Even better, get the Splittr app and have every cent accounted for, excel style without the fuss.

TOP TIP: Always download the apps BEFORE boarding that plane to avoid any roaming data charges.

#3 Party gone wrong

"The beer told me that this was a good idea."
“The beer told me that this was a good idea.”

So a friend of a friend’s girlfriend’s niece puked on the carpet at your villa… and drew on the walls with permanent marker. Who pays the security deposit?

Instead of starting the finger pointing game, a consensus should be made clear at the beginning that any party-gone-wrong bills will be split evenly, regardless of whose friend it is and who saw-but-didn’t-stop-them.

#4 The extra bed / couch

"I dream of a world where all beds are made equal."
“I dream of a world where all beds are made equal.”

You guys decide to be economical and instead of getting 2 rooms for 3 people, you get an extra bed or sleeps on the couch.

Question: Does the person using the extra bed pay less or the same? Who sleeps on the less comfortable extra bed?

Solution: No one gets dibs, but everyone will draw straws. Bill is split evenly, regardless of who sleeps where. Life’s a game of luck.

#5 Who gets the miles?

Practically a "buy one get one free" deal if you know how to play your cards right.
Practically a “buy one get one free” deal if you know how to play your cards right.

There will normally be a scuffle amongst frequent flyer friends on who gets the miles when there’s a mass booking. Common etiquette dictates that the party organiser gets the miles but in case there isn’t one, draw straws or roll a die.

#6 Liquor charges

Well, that's another way to make up for the bill.
Well, that’s another way to remember how much the bill was.

When alky is involved, there will almost always be a brawl. Who drank the all Chivas? What? I only drank one beer!

Solution: If your group is big, split your group into two: the heavy drinkers and the light drinkers. Ask the waitress to create two receipts for your two groups and split the bill from there.

Have you gotten into any money fights on holiday, nomads?

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