How to do Valentine’s Day if you’re not that into it

Whether you’re single or in a loving, committed relationship, Valentine’s Day can be an absolute nightmare. From not being able to go out to dinner because of all the massively overpriced set menus and copious glitter to that one smug person in the office who always gets delivered a dozen roses (and won’t shut up about it), Valentine’s Day is a holiday many of us actively hide from.

With the 14th upon us, we’ve rounded up five activities that will assure you survive and thrive despite all the heart-shaped boxes of candy you’ll spot on your Thursday morning commute.

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Go axe throwing

Axe Throwing SG
Photo by Axe Factor – Axe Throwing Range

What better way is there to take your mind off all the confetti and streamers than hurling an axe at a wall? As violent as that may sound, recreational axe-throwing is a growing trend and guaranteed to not only take your mind off the mushy and gushy but make you feel like a complete badass. Plus, it definitely counts as your upper body workout for the week!

Try an escape room

Scavenger Escape Escape Room
Photo by Scavenger Escape

For those who want something that uses your brain a little bit more than axe-throwing, escape rooms are a hilarious way to test your problem-solving abilities. If you’re coupled up, it can help test how well you and your S.O. work together – it might just be more effective at predicting the success of your partnership than the shopping at IKEA method. If not, you and your friends can fight over who has to go through the mummy’s tomb first.

Get lost in your own city

Hidden Gem Bar
Photo by rawkkim on Unsplash

Sure, you’ll probably encounter many of the loved-up variety using this method, but sometimes the best way to forget the world is to get lost in it. Step out onto the streets and walk or drive in a direction you’ve never been before.

Worst case scenario – you call a taxi or log into Google Maps to find your way home.

Best case scenario – you find a hidden gem in your own backyard.

Most likely scenario – you and your partner/friends end up at a not-so-pinked up bar for dinner and drunken karaoke.

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Enjoy a movie marathon

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

If you have no interest in going outside, then you better grab some popcorn and plough through a line-up of all your favourite movies.

Sometimes, there really is nothing better than just getting lost in the fictional (or not) life of someone else and ignoring reality. We’d just recommend staying away from the rom-com section.

Go on a Palentine/Galentine’s retreat

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

How about making a long weekend of it and get away? Turn off your phones and head off to a nice private villa in the middle of nowhere with your besties. Your friendships deserve love too! Whether you spend your time in the pool, lazing in hammocks or out scuba diving, a trip is a perfect thing to bond over. Take the opportunity to reconnect with some of your favourite people and make lasting memories.

The best part of this is that with all the fun you’re having you won’t have time for Instagram and all those gag-inducing posts of your cousin spoon-feeding her boyfriend chocolate from a fondue fountain.

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What are you doing this Thursday?

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