The world’s first dachshund museum is here

Sausage dog fans all over the world can start planning their pilgrimage to Passau, asap. A brand new museum in the Bavarian city has become the first in the world to dedicate itself to the celebration of the dachshund, in all its stumpy, stubborn glory. The Dackelmuseum houses over 4,500 dachshund-related exhibits, including toys, ornaments, musical instruments and other curiosities, a collection that curators Seppi Küblbeck and Oliver Storz say is the largest in the world.

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Exhibits at the Dackelmuseum

“The world needs a sausage dog museum… No other dog in the world enjoys the same kind of recognition or popularity as the symbol of Bavaria, the sausage dog,” said Küblbeck. As such, the museum covers a lot of sausage dog-ground: the dachshund as a cultural icon, the dachshund’s history with the hunt, the dachshund and beer… even the dachshund as muse.

After all, this little dog enjoys special status in Bavaria and Germany, even inspiring the design of Waldi, the Munich Olympic Summer Games 1972 mascot. Dachshund fans have included such varied figures as Albert Einstein, Napoleon (who had his dogs buried with him), Pablo Picasso and Liam Gallagher. Count yourself among them? Get yourself to Germany.

Find it here: Große Messergasse 1, Passau, Germany. +(49) 851 30439

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