Samui for Six: A 2021 Family Travel Guide by WYK and Co.

Basking in Koh Samui’s sun, sand, and surf sounds spectacular—but adding the whole family into the mix might cause some nomads to have second thoughts. After all, travelling with kids was a whirlwind adventure even before the pandemic. The new realities now might have you thinking it’s not for the faint of heart, but luckily WKY and Co. are well-versed in this department! A family of six with four children between ages 1 to 9, Em, Eh and their little ones go wherever their hearts take them, and share whatever they pick up along the way. Keep reading for WYK and Co.’s 2021 Samui family guide!

Family-Friendly Stays in Samui

The Headland Villa 3 in Taling Ngam, Samui

With 4 kids ages 1 to 9, smiles and thrills for all can feel like the parenting equivalent of summiting Everest. Choosing a destination with options for everyone is the bedrock of family travel success. With little kids and nap times, you’re going to spend time in your accommodations – be sure to love where you’re staying!

Whenever we travel with our brood, we’re looking for room for our kids to move around, intelligent storage where breakables are above toddler height, and somewhere for the grownups to have adult conversation once the kids are in bed (whispering in a shared room is rarely fun). Seeing the amazing experiences of families at The Headland Villa 3, we knew it was our next family getaway. We’re so glad we did as Taling Ngam, on southern Samui, was the perfect mix of ocean views and local life.

Having young children, we’re mindful of crowded spaces for both pandemic and practical reasons. A villa with a private pool and kitchen facilities gives us privacy, independence, and an added layer of security. It’s not so much about social distancing, but having a space to feel at home. The in-villa breakfast provided by the amazing Luxe Nomad staff was the cherry on top!

How to Plan Your Family Itinerary

When planning our time, we think of the day as 3 parts – morning, afternoon, and evening. Our ideal is to be out for at least 1 but never all 3. Like any good romantic pairing, we recharge in different ways. One loves the beach while the other loves to explore new places. Toss in the burgeoning opinions of our children, and we spend a lot of time as a family talking through what makes the itinerary. We cannot please everyone all in a day and so we encourage our kids, and ourselves, to think of the trip as a whole experience and not fixate on one day’s schedule. 

Where to Go in Samui


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With so much to experience, Koh Samui kept on delivering memory-making moments. As a family, we loved Overlap Stone. It’s unlike anything we’d seen and the views of the coast and across the ocean are unbeatable. Crystal Bay (also called Silver Beach or Tongtakien Beach) is a gorgeous stretch of powdery sand that will have you scheming ways to quit your day job to become a beach-based digital nomad.


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Nearby Coral Cove was home to some of our best snorkelling. If you’re looking for a dash of sophistication, perhaps without the kids, then have a sunset drink at Air Bar.

Hin Ta Hin Yai (Grandfather and Grandmother Rock) are Koh Samui staples. While your kids snorkel amongst the rocks, you’ll  be left with time to muse about the names of these rock formations.

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With help from the truly lovely manager of The Headland Villa, we set sail in a long tail boat around the 5 Islands and onwards to Koh Masdsum to take piggy pictures with some sandy swines. Our kids still talk about these exploits

What to Bring to Samui

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Whenever we head to the beach in Thailand, we’re packing child-safe mosquito repellent, sunscreen, vinegar in case we ever meet a jelly-fish (haven’t yet), toilet paper for public washrooms, sun shade (umbrella, sun tent, or a bungee cord and blanket), snorkel gear, and baby powder to limit the amount of sand that makes it off the beach on us. With Thailand’s approach to shops and vendors, there’s always a snack or drink nearby. 

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COVID has changed the requirements of getting places, but once you arrive, you’ll find those familiar travel vibes returning. Around the world, we are increasingly equipped for this pandemic. You’ll find that Samui is ready for you and your family.

While many businesses are coming back to life, it’s good to check ahead and see if hours have changed or if bookings are best. As parents, we’re intentional at not wielding terror as a means of guiding our kids. They don’t need to fear the pandemic, rather they need the tools to make good choices. We talk about positive things we can do to stay healthy and ensure those around us do too.

The world is still an amazing place and the greatest gift we can give our children is a better understanding of it. Like most things in this new era, we make our plans and recognise they may not come together and that is quite alright. It’s a beach holiday and everyone has more fun when we go with the flow!

Bringing the fam to Samui? Let’s go!

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