It’s World Selfie Day and we’re celebrating with animal selfies

Ah, self-portraits. Affectionately known as selfies, they’re typically either an act of vanity or compensation for the lack of another person to help take a photograph of you.

But mostly an act of vanity, can we all just admit it?

Living on a whole new level is the animal selfie, which is the best thing since sliced bread, copyright controversies notwithstanding.

To refresh your memory, British wildlife photographer David Slater was sued by PETA in 2015 on behalf of a Celebes crested macaque over, of all things, the copyright of a few selfies taken by the animal using Slater’s equipment in the late 2000s. True story. The court eventually ruled in favour of Slater.

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Whether accidental or orchestrated, animal selfies are a skill, which relies not just on the animal’s photogenic abilities, but on the human to whom the camera belongs.

Allan Dixon is one such expert. The Ireland-born traveller shot to fame for his animal selfies, all generously documented on his Instagram account. Some of his best work, in our opinion, are with quokkas – only the most photogenic animals in the world.

Beats human selfies any day, right? Before we go on, remember that while these are highly entertaining, it is important that you do not harm the animal or cause it any discomfort when trying to attempt your own selfie. Allan’s advice? “Gain the animal’s trust in a calm relaxed manner and the results will be golden. Make sure it’s not a crocodile.” Word.

Today, on World Selfie Day, we give you our favourite animal selfies, including a few with celebrities.

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Horse selfie.

Monkey Selfie

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