Watch: The star-studded Crocodile Dundee “trailer” is Super Bowl 2018’s most creative ad

Coming soon, mate

Tourism Australia just launched their biggest single advertising campaign in 30 years! And, it will feature a truckload of Aussie talent alongside Chris Hemsworth, one of the ambassadors of Tourism Australia. The first video was aired today during the Super Bowl; a mock trailer for Crocodile Dundee that quickly turns to its real intention as an advertisement.

AdNews spoke to Lisa Ronson, CMO of Tourism Australia about the attempt to capture American audiences. “There haven’t been a lot of Aussie brands that have gone into Super Bowl and we feel like we’re probably the only tourism brand in the world that can pull this off and get away with the cheekiness.”

More ads are set to roll out with a truckload of Aussie talent including Hugh Jackman, Margot Robbie and Isla Fisher.

We love the Aussie cheekiness, we really do, which is why we poke a little fun with this piece on signs you’re an Aussie traveller. Speaking of, have you checked into any of The Luxe Nomad’s apartments and villas in Australia?


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