This Week in Travel: The Monkey Selfie Lawsuit Has Finally Reached a Settlement

“If life is the pursuit of happiness, the beach should be the destination” — unknown

#1 Meet Harvey and Irma… Yes, That’s Right

Jesse Tinsley / The Spokesman-Review

Who: Harvey and Irma Schluter. Fun fact: they have opened their home to 120 foster children!

Where: The couple live in Washington, USA.

What: The Schulters have been married for 75 years, but here’s an experience they never thought they’d have together: sharing the names of two consecutive hurricanes. “I don’t know how they’ve done that, to have a Harvey and Irma,” Irma told The New York Times. “I don’t know how that worked out.” If you’re curious about the naming of hurricanes, give this a read.

#2 It Started With a Selfie…

Who: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), a British wildlife photographer named David Slater, and Naruto the Celebes crested macaque.

Where: Naruto lives on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia.

What: It’s been about two years since PETA filed a lawsuit against Slater, on behalf of the monkey. The case questioned the copyright of a few photographs taken by Naturo using Slater’s camera. And now, it looks like both parties (and monkey?) have reached a settlement: 25% of future revenue gained from Slater’s ‘monkey selfies’ will be donated to charities helping crested macaques. So that happened…

#3 Plan Ahead: Abu Dhabi in November for This…

Who: The artsy crowd.

Where: Louvre Abu Dhabi on Saadiyat Island.

What: Mark your calendars and get your travel plans for 11 November when the floating “museum city” opens up! Designed by French architect Jean Nouvel, the city features a grand total of 55 detached buildings; 23 of them gallery spaces that overlook the ocean. The Louvre Abu Dhabi will display French artwork on loan including  Leonardo da Vinci’s “La Belle Ferronnière,” Vincent Van Gogh’s self-portrait, and Jacques-Louis David’s “Napoleon Crossing the Alps”.

#4 Northern Lights in the UK!

Who: Stargazers.

Where: Parts of Scotland and Northern England, UK.

What: Thank the skies for increased solar activity, because some lucky folks in UK were treated to Northern Lights views last Friday night. The rare sightings were the result of a big solar storm that had affected low latitudes of certain areas. Many took to social media to share their spectacular view, but hey, you’ve still got a shot at these places (although you need to be very quick!).

#5 Next Stop: A Cruise in Vietnam

Who: Sea- faring travellers who are up for a luxury cruise at a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Where: The Au Co Luxury Cruise in Ha Long, Vietnam.

What: The Au Co Luxury Cruise is a 3 day, 2 night cruise with an exclusive itinerary exploring the majestic Ha Long Bay. The Au Co’s passengers will luxuriate in the amazing scenery of the Gulf of Tonkin, as well as the luxury restaurant on board, spa and Jacuzzi – all the same facilities you would expect in any luxury hotel. Book your cabin on The Luxe Nomad!

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