Why Your Best Friend Will Always be the Best Person to Travel With

From shopping together for new bikinis, to taking a million snapchats, and then at some point of the trip, getting highly annoyed at each other (inevitable) — travelling with your best friend is unlike any other. The list of reasons why they’ll always be the best person to travel with is endless, but let’s start with an easy one: no breakups. Or at least, nothing a wine night won’t fix.

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#1 Shared Interests = Shared Bucket List

Isn’t it strange how best friends eventually morph into the same person? You talk about a place or something you’ve always wanted to do so much — like a yoga retreat — that eventually, your travel goals align. Plus, it’s much easier rope in your friend than your partner for a 5-day detox.

#2 They’ll Save You From Awkward Social Scenarios

Best friends don’t let friends get bullied while haggling over purses in the market. Nor do they leave you stuck in an unwelcome conversation with a man trying desperately to pick you up at the bar.

#3 You Can Hold Your Pose Till You Get THE Shot

Like anyone ever got the perfect shot at the first go! When your partner-in-crime is around, you’ll have no qualms asking them to retake a picture until it’s 100% perfect, and they’ll definitely get what you mean by “make my legs look longer”. Ah, bless them.


#4 It’s OK to Forget Your Hairbrush

Unless you’ve both forgotten to pack something, chances are, you can just share clothes, toiletries and makeup. This is probably the only way girls can pack light…

#5 You’ll Drive Each Other Mad, but that’s OK too

You love each other, but wow, did she always chew that loudly? At some point of your trip, it’s completely normal to get annoyed over the tiniest of details. Especially when someone is hangry. But then it’s Happy Hour and the world is alright again.

#6 No Judgement Here

With no one else to judge your antics, you can both go crazy on the dance floor, take too many shots, and trust the other person will take pictures of you passed out drunk to blackmail you with. Charming.


#7 What’s Scary Now Seems Adventurous 

You’d think twice about cliff jumping off Shotover Canyon in Queenstown New Zealand, the highest commercial jump in the world if you were alone, but with your best friend around, it’s all or nothing.

#8 You Can Communicate With Just a Look

One glance can tell them you’re not into the cheesy Italian guy that’s just come up to your table.

#9 You’ll Have The Best Stories for Toasts

And inside jokes too! Is a Maid of Honour even a Maid of Honour if she doesn’t entertain the crowd with stories like “This one time in….”.

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