Why You Should Book That Holiday For The Sake Of Your Career

If you thought that your fierce dedication to your job and reluctance to leave your desk is good for your career, you thought wrong. Research has shown that our minds aren’t able to maintain a steady level creativity and intensity without taking breaks, leading to declining productivity. In short, you need to go on holiday to be able to work well. Here are five reasons why you need to go on holiday for the sake of your career.

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#1 Rejuvenate and Recharge

You may love what you do, but you’ve got to recharge those batteries.

As the Spanish have proved with their siestas, a break from work is crucial to increase productivity. This is so the mind is able to recharge to maintain work intensity and creativity. But unless you live in Spain or somewhere else that believes in taking midday naps before resuming work, you’ll have to apply it to the bigger picture — vacation days!

#2 Stress-less

All work and no play makes Jane a dull girl

Going on holiday is a matter of life and health — and you can tell your boss we said so! If your line of work requires a lot of focus and creativity, you are most likely to be prone to feeling stressed out. Over time, stress can take its toll on your health and lead to high blood pressure, heart diseases and depression.

#3 It Expands Horizons

If looking at this picture makes you feel better, imagine what the real deal can do!

Literally and figuratively speaking. Nobody likes those who are insular and narrow minded, right? With so much to see and learn from cultures in different parts of the world that you wouldn’t be able to experience from the confines of your office, travelling is beneficial in all aspects of life. Besides, who knows that opportunities await in the future?

#4 Makes For Better Employees

Work hard, holiday harder

Non-stop emails and never ending workloads can make it difficult to leave work where it belongs at the end of the day — the office. Having sufficient time to maintain a healthy work-life balance is important not only for your personal life, but for your office life as well. Making time to be happy outside the office will keep you motivated and builds a positive attitude towards work and your bosses.

#5 Quality Over Quantity

That dog is just begging to be taken to the beach

Sometimes, late nights and long hours are unavoidable. But if it happens too frequently, chances are you’re not the only one getting tired and frustrated — it’s likely to be taking a toll on your loved ones too. Taking some time off work to spend quality time with them reinforces relationships and evokes happiness, which is exactly what is called for after a stressful period at work.

What are you waiting for? Let’s go!

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