How to Travel Like An International Playboy

Money is the word, flirting is the game and sex is the goal. From the impeccably dressed and suave James Bond to über buff ladies man Dan Bilzerian, which one do you most identify with? We’ll let you in on the 5 commandments of traveling like an International Playboy.

#1 Confidence Is Key

“Rum runner. Womanizer. Millionaire. He was my kinda guy.” – Ed Westwick on Chuck Bass

You don’t necessarily have to travel in first or business class to be a playboy, you just need to be where the women are. One thing is for sure, though: a playboy is confident and sure of his game (and himself). He isn’t stammering away wondering out loud about where he might have left his phone charger.

#2 No Money, No Honey

Hugh Heffner
Take it from the ultimate playboy: no money, no honey

That ratty backpack and cheap headphones ain’t gonna cut it. We’re living in a material world and the girls who are attracted to playboys are all material girls. Unless of course that’s not your intention (then why are you reading this?). Even Hugh Hefner, when asked whether the women who applied to be his playmates are lured by his money and power, the quintessential playboy said, “Of course. But what is anybody really attracted to?”

#3 Players Gonna Play

“Don’t wanna be a player no more…” sang every player ever

You can’t be a playboy without putting yourself in front of a lot of women, every chance you get – you need the numbers to prove yourself. The girl in the seat next to you. The one across the aisle. The stewardess. So many prospects, so little time…

#4 Charm Her Socks Off

“I have loved women even to madness, but I have always loved liberty better.” – Casanova

The striking difference between Christian Grey and Hugh Hefner (other than the fact that Grey is fictional and we don’t know if Hef is into BDSM) is romance. Hefner is adored by his Playboy bunnies who wax lyrical about his romanticism and genuine nice-ness. The ultimate ladies man (who’s not exactly built like Adonis) can basically woo the thongs off his girls.

#5 Swipe it

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness didn’t know where to shop

Nothing is sexier than a generous man. Unless you’ve got lots of pockets to store your cash (cargo pants are not made of playboy material, FYI), nobody likes waiting around while you count your pennies. Make sure there’s no chance you card gets declined – there’s no bigger turn off than that.

How do you get your game on when you travel, player?

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