This Week in Travel: Chernobyl Vodka & A Canine Critic

#1 One more step for Mother Earth

Photo by Brian Yurasits on Unsplash

Did you know it takes up to 1,000 years for just one plastic bottle to biodegrade? San Francisco International Airport is the next in line to do their part for the environment. In an effort to contribute zero waste to landfills by 2021, the airport has banned the sale of single-use plastic water bottles. For now, this move mainly affects drinking water. So, unless you exclusively consume alcohol (and other sugary beverages), don’t forget to bring your own reusable bottle the next time you’re passing through. Otherwise, you risk having to purchase a new one at airport prices.

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#2 The most important bottle of vodka in the world?

Talking about alcohol, a group of researchers have successfully distilled the devil’s water from Chernobyl-adjacent crops. Atomik comes with a warning – there is only ONE such bottle of vodka crafted (thus far), so they can’t sell you anything just yet. The only radiation detected in the alcohol is naturally occurring carbon-14, on par with any spirit you already consume. Hopefully, this will be the first consumer product to come from the area in more than three decades. Cheers to supporting the local community’s economic and social development!

#3 Doggos be hustling

We don’t know about you but our dream (well, actual) job just levelled up. Your fur-legged pal can sing for his supper as a ‘canine critic’, and yes, every day in the office is bring-your-human-to-work day. Just tag and follow @hotelsdotcom, and don’t forget to #CanineCritic, and you could be the lucky one to join your nomad pooch on a whirlwind of reviewing 10 different pet-friendly hotels. You know things are serious when properties are hard-pressed to ensure they’re up to scratch for this VVIP. The hunt is on for the ‘paw of approval’!

#4 “Will the only passenger on this flight please board at this time?”

Photo by JC Gellidon on Unsplash

Somehow a flight rescheduling ended being a damn good day for Vincent Peone this past week. He was the only passenger on his commercial flight from Aspen, Colorado to Salt Lake City. Sandbags had to be added to the aeroplane so it could meet flight requirements. He was greeted by name as he boarded and even got to greet the pilots in the cockpit. Everything from intercom announcements to safety instructions ran as per protocol. Private jet plane minus the luxury price tag (to Vincent anyway)! Now the question is – window or aisle?

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