The Luxe Nomad pledges to go plastic-free in Bali

In an effort to eliminate the use of single-use plastic items in Bali, waste prevention collective One Island One Voice launched The Komitmen, a project that gets businesses based on the Indonesian island to go plastic-free.

In The Luxe Nomad signing the Komitmen, we promised to end the use of single-use plastic straws, retail bags, cups and cup lids by the end of August in our managed villas in Bali. We also aim to also stop using single-use plastic water bottles and separate organic and inorganic waste in the villas by 31 October 2018.

One Island One Voice is a network of organisations that have been working towards cleaning up Bali, improving its waste management and encouraging eco-friendly alternatives for single-use plastics. They also organised mass clean-ups of Bali’s beaches.

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How are we doing this?

Here are some of the things we’re doing keep our managed villas as plastic-free as possible.

Replace with ones made from cassava starch by Avani, a Bali-based company.

Utensils and tableware
Replace with eco-friendly products from Avani.

Introduce the usage of glass bottles and use water dispensers to minimise the need for stocking up on smaller plastic water bottles.

Canvas bags
The management team at each villa will be provided with reusable canvas shopping bags with which they can purchase groceries for guests.

Bathroom amenities
Where the villa owner is agreeable, we place shampoos, conditioners and shower gels that are paraben-free and dispensed from recycled plastic bottles.

Raising awareness
We can’t forbid our guests from bringing their own single-use plastic items, but we do encourage a zero plastic lifestyle where possible, and are working to place informative signs like “Save Water” and “#SayNoToPlastic” in our villas to raise awareness.

Know someone or an organisation in Bali you think could be interested in signing The Komitmen? Send them the letter.

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