This Week in Travel: No Rules Against Checking in a Live Lobster, So There You Go

“Travelling tends to magnify all human emotions.” — Peter c 

#1 Is That a Lobster in Your Bag?

Who: A flight passenger.

Where: Boston Logan International Airport in Boston, the US.

What: The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) had a different sort of ‘catch of the day’, when a flight passenger checked in his luggage containing a live lobster in a cooler. And, it’s allowed according to TSA’s website, which states that the crustacean “must be transported in a clear, plastic, spill-proof container”. TSA official Michael McCarthy shared the story in his tweet above, adding that the lobster “cooperated quite nicely with the screening process.” If you plan on bringing home some fresh seafood, we highly recommend you check with your airline rules first.

#2 Good Luck Coins For Some, 5-Hour Delay For Others

Who: A superstitious passenger.

Where: Shanghai Pudong International Airport in Shanghai Shi, China.

What: A flight was delayed for several hours after an elderly woman threw coins at the plane’s engine for good luck. Eight coins aimed and missed the engine, but the ninth found its way into the engine. All passengers were evacuated and China Southern maintenance conducted a full exam of the engine. The 80-year-old woman will not be facing police action, exempted from what would have been a five-day sentence for anyone below the age of 79.

#3 Expectations Vs Reality: Hotel Edition 


Who: A couple from Essex in England.

Where: Greece.

What: The couple purchased a package holiday to the Greek island of Kefalonia on, titled “Flight and Hotel Package to Kefalonia for 7 nights”. Instead, they were shocked to find out that their accommodation was situated over 640 kilometres away from the actual destination in Patmos. To be exact, and as stated in the deal, “With a stay at Skala Hotel, you’ll be centrally located in Patmos”. The unhappy customer complained about her purchase on the television show This Morning and was eventually given a full refund. has apologised and explained that a technical glitch occurred with mapping.

#4 The Best in-Flight Meal…


Who: Hungry passengers.

Where: Winning flights.

What: Always looking forward to meal time? The annual Skytrax World Airline Awards has revealed this year’s winning airline, along with a favourite category for many: the best in-flight meals. For the foodie, book look no further than Etihad Airways for the Best First Class Airline Catering, Turkish Airlines for the Best Business Class Onboard Catering and…. Singapore Airlines for Best Premium Economy Class Airline Catering! Now you know when to never settle for peanuts, literally.

#5 This Week in Goals: Samui


Who: Big groups and even wedding parties.

Where: Koh Koon in Koh Samui, Thailand.

What: The spectacular 7-bedroomed Koh Koon complete with two kid’s rooms is set on a hillside overlooking Chaweng Bay, and could easily be mistaken for a Mediterranean countryside retreat. Here, ‘East meets the Med’ with an eclectic mix of Asian and European styles, which blend perfectly to create a harmonious holiday villa, ideal for social gatherings, as well as relaxation.

Time for a weekend staycation

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