The Mirrored Beach Hut That’s Gotten Everyone Buzzing

From beach huts to beachfront villas, we love anything with sun, sea and sand. And recently, something really cool has popped up on Worthing Beach in West Sussex, UK. A completely mirrored beach hut that camouflages with the seaside has got a few heads knocking up against it (ouch).

The hut was installed by ECE Architecture, taking the idea of a regular beach hut found all across the British seaside and turning it into something completely Pinterest-worthy.

The installation was taken down, but officials are considering making it a permanent fixture. We think that’s a splendid idea!

See the beach hut for yourself:

On a cool cloudy day.
From the inside.
How about a mirrored-villa too?
Mirror beach hut installed on beach, Worthing, Britain - Jul 2015
Oooph — people spot it!
And more people get curious.

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Main photo: Jeff Djevdet.

Photo credits: Mark Sephton.

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