The 10 Types of Passengers You Meet on A Flight

When you’re stuck in a tube in the sky and can’t help but to think you’ve met versions of these 10 characters before…

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#1 The Kid That Can’t Stop Staring at You

Quiet time when they’re not running loose in the aisles

While the parents have already settled into a ‘don’t bother me on vacation’ mode, the rest of us have to deal with awkward stares or if you’re unlucky (and on most flights you are) screaming and crying. How to deal with it: stick your tongue out at them and pull a face.

#2 The “Wake Me Up When We Reach” One

Sleeping Accessories
Destination: Lala Land

You know they struggled to stay up all night before just so they could sleep through the flight. Trouble is, no one else can sleep what with that loud snoring. Are we on a Boeing or a freight train?

#3 The “In a Minute Guy”

“In a minute”

“Sir, can you please put your seat back up as we’re preparing to land?”
“In a minute.”

“Sir, can you please turn off your phone?”
“In a minute.”

#4 The ‘Earphones, Book, Shawl, Snack — Check!’ One

Gone too far

The envy is real. Note to self, have a packing list and check it twice.

#5 The ‘First One in, First One Out’ Club

No one remembers second place

Winner gets bragging rights.

#6 The One With No Bladder Control 

Switch seats and save us all

They chose the window seat, but squeeze past you at least five times to go to the restroom. In an hour.

#7 The One You’re Definitely Photobombing 

Test cabin lighting and good to go

If you’re seated next to them, you might want to quickly freshen up so you look good in the background.

#8 The Chatty Neighbour

Be nice, they won’t bite

But sometimes (when they look like that) you wish they would. Unless you can’t help but bite them for talking your ears off. Too bad the prepared passenger in #3 won’t lend you their earplugs.

#9 The Snugglers

For the intrigued click here

Because they didn’t just spend a whole week in a king-sized bed together every night. Give them some space.

#10 The Loud Asian Aunties

You’ll hear them before you can spot them

They need something (and about 10 someones) to talk about for everyone’s long-haul dose of gossip.

Where are you flying off to next

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