Celeb Nomad: Capturing Koh Samui With Shiralee Coleman

If you’re wondering whose got the most beautiful Instagram page ever, it’s this babe: Shiralee Coleman. PR, stylist and founder of her travel and lifestyle blog shiraleecoleman.com, she’s one of the sweetest Celeb Nomads we’ve had the pleasure of working with. Her carefully planned out timeline flows like a gradient of colours, almost brought to life with imagery of oceans, beautiful escapes, and sparkling couture gowns. Read also: Photo Diary: Shiralee Coleman in Samujana, Koh Samui What’s your vacation wardrobe like? I have two sets of vacation wardrobes; things I wear out, and outfits pre-planned for shoots. My wearable wardrobe consists of an insane amount of swimwear, my favourite denim shorts, white singlets, gym gear, lots of flats, four pairs of heels and dresses for going out. On the other hand, my shoot wardrobe is just beautiful gowns and jewellery. I always have to book extra baggage on my flights to be able to accommodate both! How do you stay entertained on long flights? A movie and a glass of wine. And then another movie and another glass of wine, on repeat until I reach the destination What’s one thing definitely worth travelling for? Love and location. It’s not just about discovering beautiful places. For me, it’s also about who you travel with and the moments you share with them, that makes the trip most memorable. I will also go to a lot of effort to take the perfect picture, even travelling halfway across the world for the backdrop I have in mind.

Your favourite vacation and why? My most recent trip to Koh Samui in Thailand was a stand out in my mind for a number of reasons. Samujana was the most beautiful villa I have ever stayed in. The 4-bedroom villa was like a dream, positioned up on the top of a mountain looking over the ocean. Waking up and walking out to that open plan living space and views was magical, every single day. The light was so beautiful, from sunrise to sunset. What’s on your bucket list? To explore Venice in a goldola and stay in one of the beautiful hotels,  visiting the French Riviera and experience their glamorous beach resorts, and to do a wine country road trip. What’s your vacation workout routine like? I love to start the day in the gym! Lucky for me, we had our own private gym at Samujana. What’s a good destination for travellers who love fashion? Paris, most definitely. I have been a number of times and always want to go back. I get so inspired every time I travel there and the shopping is amazing. They love their couture! Best travel advice? Research is the best thing anyone can do, whether that’s looking at photos, videos, reviews, or Instagram posts. I love seeing peoples’ tagged travel photos at resorts or hotels that I want to visit. I also follow travel bloggers and their websites to get inspiration before I decide where I want to go. The Luxe Nomad has the most amazing range of places all over the world; it’s my favourite site to find luxury accommodation. What do you look for in a villa where you want to do a photoshoot? First the pool, and the views! Always. The outlook is so important in the images that I share, and being able to show the space entirely. How was Samujana and what did you think of the villa? I really had the best time here. Not only was it beautiful but the staff took such good care of us. I felt it was a great escape and so relaxing to be there. I loved the living space and the kitchen. The sound system was also amazing, which added so much to the experience, playing music while swimming and tanning. It was so hard to leave, I would live there if I could. How was Outrigger Koh Samui Beach Resort and what did you think of it? The resort was wonderful, it was a nice change to go from a secluded villa and then change to a resort and all of their facilities. I loved going to the waterfront restaurant for breakfast and the bar at sunset. Tips and recommendations for Samui? 1. Spend a Sunday at Nikki Beach where it’s a party every week 2. Go scuba diving at Koh Tao and Sail Rock 3. Have dinner and some shopping time at Fisherman’s Village


What’s on your travel playlist? Currently the Cloud Nine album by Kygo, Views by Drake and the Bedroom Tour by Niykee Heaton. And lastly, how do you take such perfect pictures?  Capturing the moment is always key. I use a great camera the Sony A6300, that fits in my handbag so I can use this when the moment strikes. It’s compact but has more power than most DLSR cameras. I can transfer pictures directly to my phone when there’s WiFi and upload crystal-clear photos instantly — it’s my secret weapon.  I edit images using Photoshop, and my beloved VSCO for tones and colours.

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