The New Travel Photography Series ‘Instagram Husbands’ Will Need to Master

The newest trend in travel photography is called ‘Follow Me Away’. The nomads behind it are model Victoria Yore, 23 and her photographer boyfriend / Instagram husband Terrence Drysdale, 27. Together the Floridians travel around the world and capture a darker, more dramatic, even eerie at times, series of photographs comparable to the reigning hashtag of social media, #FollowMe by Murad Osmann.

travel photography
Grand Canyon, Arizona, US

Their travels began in August 2015. Yore tells Business Insider, “Seeing all of our photos in one place, we decided that we wanted a way to chronicle how different our photos looked simply by varying the landscape.” How to get the look? A swishy, flowing dress, and the most scenic background you can find. The end result should look like something that would be turned into a jigsaw puzzle.

travel photography
Prague, Czech Republic
Stokksnes, Iceland

“Contrary to popular belief, the photos aren’t staged at all. The most staging that goes into an image is choosing a dress,” Yore said. “Hair and makeup are completely natural, feet are bare, and posing isn’t contrived or planned. Everything happens very organically. ”

Sólheimasandur Wreck, Iceland

They’ve photographed in nine countries which includes five states in the US for ‘Follow Me Away’. Next on their bucket list: the Italian and French Alps, and Yore says they’re also keen on Normandy, Scotland, Canada and Alaska.

Picture this.

Photo credits: TJ Drysdale.

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