5 Signs You’re Dating a #Wanderlust Instagram Addict

Unless you’ve been living off the grid (say Song Saa Private Island in Cambodia?) you’d have heard, seen and laughed at ‘Instagram Husband’, a sketch dedicated to the unsung heroes of social media. One husband jokingly laments, “Behind every cute girl in Instagram is a guy like me… and a brick wall.” Think you nomads can relate? Here are five signs you might be turning into a travel edition of an Instagram significant other thanks to your insta addict girlfriend!

#1 Your Vacation Wardrobe Has to be Approved 

Flat-lays are the way to her heart

Thinking of packing board shorts from two summers ago? Think again. Banana Republic is having a sale on chinos.

#2 Your Neck Hurts From Taking Feet Pics

You’ll never understand why feet selfies are a thing

Have white sandy beach, will bury toes and wait for a wave… then click, click snap. And you’ll never get over the manhole fascination either. Who knew people liked pictures of manholes so much?

#3 Your Travel Agent is Her Instagram Feed

Can you spot him?

What’s on her bucket list (and therefore yours)? Anything captivating she’s seen on Instagram. When you’re travelling in the direction of an Instagram filter, we’re sure you’ll find yourself at say… Rock Bar in Bali, where you’ll find a whole group of Instagram SO’s waiting for the sunset.

#4 You Play Spot the Difference (And Lose)

paradise-875218_1280 (1)
No photography direction from her is a true sign of trust

You’ve taken at least 50 shots of her lying by the pool, and she’s finally narrowed it down to two shots. Now it’s time for you to make the call, but you swear the shots of identical (and they probably are). Hint: it’s almost usually the angle of her arm.

#5 You Know She’s Not Really a Foodie

Lo-Fi is life

But you can’t argue, her food shots get a ton more likes! But only you know she just had a bite of your cheeseburger at Germany‘s world-famous Burgermeister. And it got cold by the time you captured the perfect shot.

And the most picture-perfect villas right here. 

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