Mystery Meat: 5 of the Best and the Worst Airline Food

Airline food is notorious for being awful, but then some are turning up to be Michelin-starred. Which are the best and the worst airline food? We dig into the trash and the posh to find out.

#1 The Good: The porridge to follow

Plus points for the ice cream.

Airline: Singapore Airlines

Fun fact: Singapore Airlines is one of the few carriers to create menus in a test kitchen specially built to mimic the food-prep conditions found in an air-pressurized cabin.

The Bad: The porridge that tried

Was someone trying to make a phallic joke and failed?
Was someone trying to make a phallic joke and failed?

Culprit: Air China

Our guess: It’s fairly simple, a plain porridge with misplaced dim sum. We’re pretty sure this is not what breakfast is supposed to look like in any part of the world.

#2 The Good: Cultural infusion

Yakitori on the plane, who woulda thunk.
Yakitori on the plane, who woulda thunk.

Airline: KLM

Fun fact: Evidently you don’t have to sit first class to get this sort of quality; but you do have to pre-order it.

The Bad: Cultural confusion

QBD_C20131223 (1)
Did I choose the fish, chicken or the beef?

Culprit: Air France

Our guess: Discoloured pineapple rice with a side of chutney and a side piece of pastry that’s been sat on by a fat air stewardess.


#3 The Good: It’s a new day

What a sight to wake up to.
Nice buns, doncha think?


Fun Fact: They also serve pancakes!!

The Bad: Sometimes old is not gold

We’d like to know when this was prepared. Before or after World War II?

Culprit: ANA

Our guess: Instant curry with 2 lima beans and rockmelon thrown in as an afterthought with a side of shrooms that are currently forming their own ecosystem. And edamame. One thing we know for sure: there’s Crunky biscuits!

#4 The Good: All in! 

We'd be impressed if this was at a restaurant, much less a plane.
We’d be impressed if this was at a restaurant, much less a plane.

Airline: Delta

Fun fact: Airline managers could not differentiate between first class Delta food and premium economy. Looking good, Delta.

The Bad: Inside out food

cathay pacific
Oh omelette, you’re not Superman, you can’t wear your insides on the outside.

Culprit: Cathay Pacific

Our guess: Half of a mini hashbrown – refried, (what looks like) an expired sausage, and an omelette with all of its contents on the outside.

#5 The Good: Heavenly offerings 

Go for gourmet.
That’s some mashed potato.

Airline: Austrian Airlines

Fun Fact: You need to be at least one hour early to make your pre-order at the kiosk if you want premium fare.

The Bad: The aliens are coming

Secret transportation for a brain-eating worm.
Secret transportation for a brain-eating worm.

Culprit: Jetstar

Our guess: A secret transport vehicle for an brain-eating worm. With a side of crusty bread-like meat, a mouldy fruit cake, a rock bun and a fruit cup.

What were your best and worst airline food experiences, nomads?

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  1. Pst you missed Air Asia. For a budget airline, they do the best Hainan Chicken Rice I’ve ever had on a plane. But don’t order the European breakfast, the pancakes are very sad things indeed.

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