This Week in Travel: Get Paid to Cruise

#1 This ultra-luxe cruise ship suite costs $11,000 a night

Seven Seas Regent Suite
Seven Seas Regent Suite Photo by Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Where: The Seven Seas Splendor

What:  And you thought villas could be pricey. The Seven Seas Splendor and its super luxurious Regent Suite will be embarking on its inaugural voyage in 2020. And, what’s inside the 4,443 square foot Regent Suite is seriously jaw-dropping. We’re talking swanky master bedroom with $200,000 mattress (yes, that’s a thing – it’s stuffed with Swedish horse hair and supposedly prevents cancer), guest bedroom, private dining room, living room, sauna, steam room and spa area. All the furnishings are as high-end as you can get with golden chandeliers, Italian marble and priceless works of art.

Do you think they give media discounts?

Speaking of cruises…

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#2 Dream Job Alert: Royal Caribbean is looking for a ‘Shore Explorer.’

Where: Wherever Royal Caribbean cruises travel

What: If you like cruises and Instagram then Royal Caribbean has the gig for you! Their Instagrammer-in-Chief (we had no idea this was a real thing either), is in desperate need of an apprentice. The apprentice, also known as a ‘Shore Explorer’, will study under the Instagrammer-in-Chief for three weeks and be set to the task of ‘exploring the world to test and capture’ experiences that guests of the cruise liner can expect to enjoy.

Oh, and the apprentice will earn £6000 for their three weeks of labour.

Job requirements include a willingness to travel and proficiency in social media. To find out how to apply, click here.

#3 Have you lost a USB drive? It might have been found – in seal faeces.

Leopard Seal Faeces USB
Did you take this picture? New Zealand researchers want to know. Image by Unknown.

Where: A freezer at the New Zealand Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA)

What: After a year inside a laboratory freezer, marine biologists discovered a USB thumb drive inside a sample of leopard seal faeces. To their surprise, after plugging the drive in, they discovered that it was still in working order! The researchers are now searching for the owner of the mysterious drive, who was likely at Catlins Coast, New Zealand in November 2017, to return the images. If you recognise the image above as your own, just know that NIWA wants another leopard seal faeces sample in return for the drive.

We can’t decide if we’re impressed that the USB drive still works or disgusted by the entire thing.

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#4 Delta Airlines and Diet Coke tried and failed to be matchmakers. 

Where: Delta Airlines flights

What: Delta can do no right. In collaboration with Diet Coke, the airline handed out a series of napkins that some are calling ‘creepy’, as they seemingly encourage fliers to flirt with their fellow passengers.

Apparently, one of the napkins said, “Be a little old school. Write down your number and give it to your plane crush. You never know…”

Now, no judgement, because we know love can be found in all places, but we’d prefer you didn’t encourage that guy in 14D to come and drop off his number. We’re much more interested in using our work-free time to catch up on the in-flight movies.

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