Let GQ Show You How to Fold a Suit (Better Than You Already Do)


Will you be home for Christmas? If you’ve got just a duffel bag for carry-on, and you’ve got to pack a couple of suits, you’ve come to the right place. Wrinkled clothes are a major pet peeve for most of us (no one spends thousands on that Tom Ford so they could look like Iggy Pop’s face). Thus, we present two solutions:

a. Wear something that doesn’t wrinkle to dinner, like a tacky Christmas jumper
b. Learn how to fold a suit in 56 seconds and carry on with your day a little wiser

If you picked the second, behold, a simple guide on how to fold a suit and stuff it into your  bag without harming it in any way. The method is pretty genius. The men at GQ breakdown what they coined the “suit jacket origami”. Basically you pop both shoulders of the jacket inside-out (“no need to be delicate here”), fold it in half till the lapels touch, fold both sides into a square and throw it into your bag.

Well that was easy. Although really, we do love our tacky Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer jumper with the pom-pom nose.

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Pack a little, travel a lot. 

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