Peace, Quiet, and Elephants: 8 Reasons to Visit Koh Samui This Christmas

Breakfast on the beach, presents by the pool and a Christmas dinner that somebody else makes and cleans up! If that sounds too good to be true, then you’ve probably forgotten all about the genius that is staying at a villa on a tropical island. Yes, a Christmas at Koh Samui is the Christmas you know and love, minus all the stress you despise (once you’ve landed that is). Here’s why we love a Koh Samui Christmas.

It’s Quiet!

By Dirk Enthoven, CC BY 3.0

The all-important key to relaxation! Unless you’re looking for the parties of Chaweng, during a trip to Samui you’re likely to be soothed to sleep each night by the sound of waves at your doorstep or the whistling of light breezes.

You can read up on the different neighbourhoods here.

Last-minute Gift Shopping!

Photo by Goh Rhy Yan on Unsplash

For the most part, Thailand doesn’t celebrate Christmas. This means the vast majority of shops on the island are open over the holidays – perfect for last-minute shoppers or those who don’t want to haul suitcases upon suitcases of well-wrapped and boxed presents across international lines.

You Can Meet Elephants!

Samui Elephant Sanctuary

Finally! An educational excursion that EVERYONE will love. And we mean EVERYONE. Is there anyone who wouldn’t find joy in meeting with these majestic creatures?

Even better the island’s two ethical elephant sanctuaries are open on Christmas Day, so you can pile everyone into a car and share the best Christmas morning ever.

Santa Parasails Under Blue Skies!

Photo by Joe deSousa on Unsplash

Oddly, we’re not kidding on this one. One Santa arrived into Koh Samui in 2017 via parasail, and there is no reason you couldn’t try gliding around the island either! The water of many the island’s beaches are calm and oh, so welcoming.

The weather in Samui is pretty great come the holidays. The rainy season that centres around November should be long gone and the days around Christmas are usually full of hot weather (temperatures typically range between 25.5°C and 29°C) and lots of sun. Even “bad weather” days are for shorts and t-shirts.

Great Diving (and Snorkelling) Conditions!

Image Discovery Dive Centre

If you love the life aquatic, December is a good time to get your scuba gear together and explore the depths. Koh Samui is home to Sail Rock, a limestone pinnacle emerging from the water, and one of the best diving spots in Asia.

The average water temperature over the holidays at Sail Rock is about 27°C. It’s also about the time when many sharks visit the area! Moray eels, swarms of tuna and mackerel, and longfin batfish are amongst the area’s regular visitors.

Sail Rock is about 50 minutes from Samui by speedboat. Visibility there can be up to 30-metres, so you can see just about everything.

If you’re more in the mood for a snorkel try Ang Thong Marine Park! Ang Thong, one of the most incredible national parks in Southeast Asia, is a pristine archipelago of 42 islands featuring sheer limestone cliffs, hidden lagoons and peach-coloured sands, and tons of sea life.

Some Serious Wellness for That End of Year Glow!

The Yoga Garden Samui

Samui is the wellness centre of Thailand. The island is home to tons of retreats (including some one-day retreats) and super-luxe spas. The yoga scene, too, is ever-evolving, making Samui a great place to stop, breathe for a minute and come out of the holiday season looking and feeling like your best self.

The Cutest Airport You’ve Ever Seen!

Yes, this is “inside” the terminal. || ©Stefan Magdalinski

Typically, the ‘cuteness’ of an airport is not a reason to go somewhere, but riddle me this – how many times have you chosen to transit through Singapore rather than some other location because of the airport? If you’re like me, that number will be countable on two hands.

So, back to the point, Samui has by far one of the most gorgeous airports in the world – you could land and think you’ve been jetted directly into a resort! It has a unique open-air design, which in parts is so properly outdoors that you’d forget you were in an airport.

This is one airport that keeps in touch with its tropical surroundings.

That Quaint Island Feel!

©Leslie Parker

Samui is for those who want tropical vibes and all the luxuries of home, but despise how built up, and overly touristy other islands have become. Thanks to some strict regulations, like codes which forbid building at certain elevations, Samui has been able to maintain much of its old-world charm – making it a great place to go for those who need to escape the trappings of everyday life and connect with themselves and their loved ones.

It’s so quaint that, depending on where you’re staying, it’s not unusual to wake up to the sight of fishermen heading out in their traditional longtail boats.

Where are you going for Christmas?

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