Have EUR10 million? You could buy Karl Lagerfeld’s home

What a thing to have on your shopping list: Karl Lagerfeld’s former home in Hamburg, Germany is on the market for 10 million euros (approx. USD 11.57 million) with real estate broker Engel & Völkers.

The Roman-style Villa Jako was originally called Villa Schüler, built for a shipping mogul in the 1920s by the River Elbe in Blankenese, an affluent and scenic Hamburg neighbourhood. Karl purchased the property in 1991, refurbished it, but then sold it in 1998 after he decided that it was “impossible to live on the Elbe.”

“You spend all your time looking out at the river. You ended up becoming lazy,” he said.

Karl Lagerfeld Hamburg home on sale
When in Rome, or at least in a Romanesque vila, just bask in the opulence. Photo: Engel & Völkers

That’s reason enough to sell your house, we suppose. Now the current owner is parting with the 4,800-square-feet hillside property that sits on nearly three acres of land right by the river. That’s three acres of drop dead gorgeous for you to roll around in – a candidate for your summer home, perhaps?

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Was Villa Jako Karl Lagerfeld’s favourite?

Karl has had his name on many other properties all over the world, but Villa Jako, which was named after the designer’s late partner Jacques de Bascher, held a special place in his heart. He even published a book, Ein Deutsches Haus (A German House), consisting of photographs of his villa. And in 1998, when he launched his Jako fragrance for men, he shot the ad campaign there.

Karl Lagerfeld Hamburg home on sale
Just think; Karl Lagerfeld walked on these floors before. Photo: Engel & Völkers

Villa Jako makes various references to the typical Roman villa, though many like the impluvium (a common feature in Roman atriums which was used as a basin to catch rainwater) are now purely decorative. It’s not clear how much from Karl’s refurbishment in the ’90s was maintained, but everything about it is still stunning.

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See more photos below and read more about Villa Jako here.

Karl Lagerfeld Hamburg home on sale
With sitting rooms like this, you shouldn’t wonder why friends keep wanting to pop by. Photo: Engel & Völkers
Karl Lagerfeld Hamburg home on sale
We could hide in here for hours with a good book. Photo: Engel & Völkers
Karl Lagerfeld Hamburg home on sale
For 10 million euros, you should make sure this garden and river view comes with the house. Photo: Engel & Völkers
Karl Lagerfeld Hamburg home on sale
In a 4,800-square-feet villa, you can afford to have a nap room. This could be it. Photo: Engel & Völkers

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