Why Ka Jok See is the best Phuket night out (that you need to book now!)

Take it from us: you haven’t been to Phuket if you haven’t been to Ka Jok See. The place is a nightlife institution – celebrities from around the world have been spotted there – and will give you a night out like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Here’s the lowdown.

What is it, exactly?

It’s a restaurant, ostensibly, but also part dance hall, part cabaret, part private dance club. No one really knows when exactly Ka Jok See started, but those in the know have been going there for more than a decade. You don’t go to Ka Jok See for the food (although there’s nothing wrong with it), you go for the party. Book ahead (like months ahead) for the set dinner, usually around ~THB3000, and get crackin’ – the food is merely a prelude to the main event.

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So then what?

Once you’re done with the mains, the staff will start to push all the tables to the walls (you’ll see why, shortly), and the music starts. It’s a lineup of incredible performers, and they’re usually led by a very fabulous ladyboy in one of a number of fantastic wigs.

Okay so why are the tables being moved…

So you can dance on them, obviously! The waiters are excellent dancers (and so is the owner, Khun Lek), so if you find yourself being picked up and twirled, don’t worry. The music ranges from current chart hits to ’80s classics, and if you’re going in a big group call ahead to make some special requests. They’re also fond of breaking out the limbo stick, with the added incentive of a candle underneath. And while it may not sound it, Ka Jok See is a relatively family-friendly night out. You’ll see all ages here, kids included (though we’ve seen parents packing off their offspring come midnight).

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Sounds like you’ll need a lot of booze to see you through.

Don’t worry – at regular intervals throughout the evening, the waiters emerge with trays, shouting, ‘Mojitos!’ Yup, free mojito shots, whenever you need a pick-me-up.

How long does it go on for?

As long as you keep dancing! Be prepared to dance til 4am – our founder Steph was once the last woman standing on the dance floor.

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What about those celebs then?

Seriously, keep your eyes peeled. Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and John Galliano have been spotted there; we’ve seen Christian Louboutin and Jessica Stam before.

Cool, I’ll head over.

Not without a booking, you won’t. You need to make a reservation months in advance, so get calling now. (the number you need is +66 7621 7903).

Real talk though, how do I get home after all that?!

You can book a Grab car ahead of time, or use the app when you’re done dancing.

Need somewhere to stay?

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