Cara G McIlroy tells us how to do Phuket with an infant

Motherhood is rarely straightforward, and travelling with infants and small children is likely to gather more glares than empathy. Yet, one of our favourite celeb nomads, Cara G makes everything look easy. So, after a recent trip to Phuket, we decided to break down the IG filter and learn about what a tropical holiday with three kids(!), including an infant is all about. Here, Cara tells us all about family-friendly activities on the island, how she keeps her girls happy on planes and the one thing she really wishes she took with her.

You’re just returning from Phuket! How was it?

We love it there, such a calm, relaxed vibe. We love how you can pop over to the islands quickly too.

Family of 5! How was it travelling with the three little ones?

It was actually really easy, surprisingly. Our two older girls are such a handful, and the new baby is a breeze so I would say it’s just as hard or easy as it was before. The only tricky thing I would say is that most nighttime activities we missed as we needed to get the baby back to a comfortable place to sleep, but apart from that and the extra luggage, it was no problem.

Any tips for flying with an infant?

I think flying with babies under six months is the easiest time, to be honest, especially if your a breastfeeding Mumma and you just pop them on the boob, and off you go. No running laps of the aisles and doing backflips to entertain at that age. You just sit back and enjoy the snuggles. It’s awesome. From 6 months though, brace yourself, then it takes planning! Colouring books, games, play dough, balloons, eye spy and if no onboard entertainment possibly an iPad for when they get bored of all the creative stuff.

How was it in Phuket with an infant? What were your impressions of how others responded to you?

I think everyone loves babies; I find that, especially in Asian countries too. Everyone wants a snuggle and a smile. It’s lovely.

Where They Stayed – Kanika Residence

  • Kanika Residence is an estate comprised of three apartments in Laguna, Phuket.
  • The first apartment of Kanika Residence has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, the second apartment has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and the penthouse has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.
  • The residences are near Bang Tao Beach and a few minutes from the restaurants of the Laguna complex and Cherng Talay Village and a short drive from Laguna Golf Club.
  • The penthouse residence has a private 10-metre infinity pool, and the three homes share a communal pool surrounded by landscaped gardens.

What was the girls’ favourite part of the holiday?

They loved snorkelling the most for sure. Their little faces swimming with fish will be embedded in my memory forever.

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What family-friendly activities in Phuket would you recommend to other parents?

We went to Splash Jungle Water Park one day. Catch Junior Beach Club, and a new place called Blue Tree, and then island hopping. Island hopping was by far the best.

With the three little ones, what did your packing list look like? Anything you didn’t bring that you wish you had?

Swimmers, sunscreen, healthy snacks, books and that was about it. Yes, we forgot the IPads … it was not ok for the flight haha. We actually only allow them on flights, so the girls were not happy that I forgot them.

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You’ve become an advocate for normalising breastfeeding. How was it to breastfeed in a relatively conservative area?

No one seemed to mind I don’t think, and if they did, I didn’t notice at all. I think in Asian countries, especially in developing or third world people support it as most do it themselves. After all, breast milk is free and keeps your bub super healthy so super cost-effective and time-efficient too.

What were your favourite parts of Kanika Residence?

We loved the pools. Our girls were basically in there night and day.

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What’s the one thing that you would return to Phuket for?


Pack your nappy bags!

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