Celeb Sightings, the Best Weather, and All the Nightlife: 5 Reasons to Head to Phuket this Christmas

We’re sure you agree: Christmas is a great time of year. Whether you celebrate Christmas religiously or capitalistically, there’s no denying that warm Christmas feeling that bubbles up from deep within (and through our ears via catchy jingles and hooks you’ll hum for days on end!).

It’s also the best time of year to get away! Keep scrolling for our top 5 reasons to head to Phuket this Christmas.

#1 The weather’s great

Photo by Humphrey Muleba on Unsplash

If you want warm and sunny for Christmas, you’ll find it in Phuket. The months of December and January are almost exclusively ideal for beaching and boating. It rarely ever rains and even if it does it’s usually just a night-time drizzle.

Calm weather also means calm (and clear!) sea and bright blue skies. So go on and sign the fam up for some island hopping. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen!

#2 Oh yes, you know we’re all about #ThatVillaLife

Villa Verai, Cape Yamu

Waking up in your very own luxury villa is like waking up in your private resort only there are no rules and there are no pesky neighbours to make awkward eye-contact with during breakfast. Beachfront or ocean view and decked out to the nines, Phuket has some of the very best villas around.

Just like back home, you’ll be laughing over presents under the Christmas tree but with the extra treat of overlooking every shade of blue:

Villa Leelawadee, Thalang

Maybe instead of getting dad another pair of socks, he just may appreciate a new pair of swim shorts this time?

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#3 It’s practically a celeb playground!

Kim Kardashian in Phuket || Image by Splash

Rihanna, Leonardo DiCaprio, Beyoncé, Ryan Gosling, Snoop Lion. And these barely scratch the surface of the big names that love the Phuket sunshine!

Ask Santa for high tech spyglasses and the subtlest camera money can buy this Christmas, you never know who you’ll bump into whilst lurking about (ahem, sunning yourself) on the beaches of Kata, Natai or Surin. We hope you’re on the ‘Nice’ list this year 😉

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#4 There’s always a party somewhere

Photo by Sarthak Navjivan on Unsplash

Choose your vibe. There are more beach clubs, rooftop bars, nightclubs and Go Go bars on Phuket than you can imagine. Not that we need an excuse to party but you can expect nothing short of reindeer antlers, Santa hats, alcohol, and dance beats you’ll feel in your bones.

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#5 Mai pen rai

Photo by Leo Rivas on Unsplash

There are a few meanings for that beautiful Thai phrase. Perhaps you’ve heard used as ‘Don’t worry,’ or ‘Anything goes’, or even ‘No, thank you,’ but at its heart, it’s all about that easygoing, all-inclusive, warm-hearted Thai lifestyle.

And what better way is there to celebrate Christmas and end the year than by putting aside unnecessary stress and reminding yourself (and your loved ones) not take life too seriously?

Take it easy. Hang loose. All is well.

Chloe Pharamond

This nomad's natural habitat is napping under a shady tree on the beach with a book clutched in hand. She likes fresh coconuts with a healthy splash of rum, organic conversations that meander into the night and getting lost in new places.

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