10 Plane Pickup Lines Guaranteed to Start a Conversation

As you sit in the departure hall waiting to board your flight, you can’t help but hope that the attractive fellow flier that caught your eye earlier is sitting next (or close to) you in the plane. It could be fate. Then comes the daunting task of convincing a complete stranger that you are far more interesting than the movie they were planning to watch, while skilfully navigating between the thin line of a potential mile-high club candidate or a well-travelled weirdo.

Don’t wait – seize the moment before they decide to put on their earphones (once this happens, your ship has sailed). While we can’t guarantee that these 10 pickup lines will help you gain entry to the prestigious mile-high club, you’ll at least have a good shot at scoring their phone number or even making a new friend.

#1 Can I Get You a Drink?

A toast to a smooth trip

Sure it’s free but just because you’re 30,000ft in the air doesn’t mean that this simple icebreaker is any less effective. Initiate small talk by ordering your possible plane paramour something to ease flying jitters.

#2 You Shouldn’t Have to Lift Your Bag

Music to a every woman traveling on her own: “Here, let me help you with your bag”.

Of course, don’t just stand there and say it – offer to help them with their cabin luggage. Especially effective if you’re a guy – she’ll be happy to see that chivalry isn’t dead after all.

#3 Do You Live in… (Insert Destination or Departure)?

Be genuinely interested and not as though you plan to stalk them

This will engage in an open conversation on where they are heading, where they’re from and whether they’re travelling for business or pleasure. Get flirty, not creepy.

#4 This is My First Time in…

Strike up a conversation and let them lead the way

Conversely, if it’s your first time to your destination, strike up a conversation by asking if your fellow passenger could recommend places to eat or an activity to partake in. Which leads us to…

#5 You Should Really Try… (Insert Attraction/ Restaurant/ Activity)

Offer to take them to your favourite restaurant or bar at your destination

If you are well-versed with the destination, make a recommendation – you might impress your new friend with how well travelled you are and can even offer to take them there.

#6 I’m Glad I Used My Miles for First Class – You’re Worth the Upgrade

Show interest early and lighten the mood before takeoff

Sure it’s a little cheesy, but when faced with a long-haul flight across the continent, everyone appreciates a little humour. Unless of course they paid full price, in which case, they won’t be that impressed.

#7 What Are You Watching?

We recommend using this one only if you missed your window of opportunity before they put their earphones or only once they takes it off.

Even if she’s watching a chick flick or he’s engrossed in the new macho fest flick, feign some interest in what they’re watching to strike up a conversation. Taste in movies can tell a lot about someone.

#8 I’m Not Having This, Would You Like It?

Sweeten up your chances

If your fellow traveller is attractive enough for you to sacrifice your dessert for the sake of conversation, offer them yours. Who doesn’t like being sweetened up?

#9 I Get Nervous When I Fly – Do You Mind if I Hold Your Hand?

“You know, you may be the first attractive woman I’ve not wanted to sleep with in my entire life.” -Harry to Sally

This one can go either way. Jokingly lighten the mood as the plane taxis off and who knows, they might actually believe you or agree with you. That would be travel fairytale at its best!

 #10 Are You From Paris? ‘Cause Eiffel For You the Moment I Saw You!

Do it right and what may seem cheesy can come off sweet and funny

Modern day poetry, ’nuff said. Also, you might want to try: “Are you from Jamaica? Cause you Ja-maican me crazy!”, but we aren’t responsible for any eye-rolling it might elicit.

Do you have tried-and-tested pickup lines you’ve used or come across while travelling? Tell us!

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  1. Not quite for flight attendants but “ Are you an astronaut because you’re out of this world.”

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