Fantastic Brunches and Where to Find Them

Brunch began as a western phenomenon, with big, cosmopolitan cities such as New York and London leading the way in popularising the meal. Both Singapore and Hong Kong are among the top ten countries in the world who are the most interested in brunch (next to the top brunch spots like the USA, United Arab Emirates, and Canada). So, with the Far East adopting the concept of a traditional Western brunch in a big way, here’s some of our top picks for brunch in Malaysia, Thailand, and beyond.

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#1 SingaporeTwo Men Bagel House

The only place to get authentic, New York style bagels in Singapore, Two Men Bagel House is a revelation for midmorning snacking. Serving a range of delicious handmade bagels stuffed with hearty fillings, head here to fuel a whole day of exploration. Make sure you head down early, however, as their delicious bagels usually sell out by early afternoon.

#2 Phuket, Thailand: Neko Cat Café

Colourful sweet treats with a side of felines! The Neko Cat Café is the only one of its kind in Phuket, serving a huge variety of mouth-watering ice cream, baked goods, and good quality coffee in an idyllic setting. Take the edge off a sweltering day and make friends with some friendly cats and kittens — worth it for the guaranteed Instagram likes alone.

#3 Chiang Mai, Thailand: Rustic and Blue

A truly unique find in Chiang Mai, Rustic and Blue serves an incredible range of fresh, fruity dishes in a romantic setting — no wonder that this delicious destination has been featured as one of the 28 best brunches in the world. Try one of the nutritious, spectacular smoothie bowls (pictured above) for a superfood-packed early afternoon snack.

#4 Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaPulp

With an aesthetic that could have been plucked from a hip New York hangout, Pulp is an ultra-modern brunch spot serving everything from delicately spiced crab subs to generous helpings of baked eggs, spiced tomato ragu, beans, sausages, hash browns and toast. Owned by quality coffee purveyors Papa Palheta, make sure you pay Pulp a visit on your next trip through Kuala Lumpur.

#5 Penang, MalaysiaWheeler’s Coffee

Adorned with decorative bicycles, Wheeler’s Coffee is a tribute to the go-to mode of transportation for Penang. Located in the heart of vibrant George Town, this quirky location serves a combination of modern Malaysian cuisine and western favourites with an eastern twist.

#6 Hong Kong: Urban Coffee Roaster

Hip coffee and cold brew in a cool borough of Hong Kong, Urban Coffee Roaster imports a huge range of rich, satisfying coffees from around the world, including exceptional blends from Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, and Kenya. Combine a hot or cold brew with a hearty plate of eggs and bacon for a beautiful brunch that will set you up perfectly for an afternoon of urban excitement.

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