Celeb Nomad: Sonya Davison in Bali

Just recently, Singapore’s own personality Sonya Davison travelled to Canggu, Bali with The Luxe Nomad. The family of four stayed at Sungai Gold, a 2-bedroom villa boasting VIP service and the most elegant white-washed interiors. Heading to Bali soon? Take a few tips from our Celeb Nomad:

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How do you usually dress on vacation? 

I live in bikinis and denim shorts when I’m on holiday. I also love light and comfy slinky slip dresses that I can easily throw on and off between pool dips.

Any packing tips for a trip to Bali?

You actually don’t have to pack much because you’ll pretty much want to be in a bikini 24/7. I don’t know why I ever bother packing actual clothes — I never wear them!

How can parents travel a little easier for their kids? 

Pack a different activity for every 15 min block on a flight (the attention span of a toddler) like a yoyo, sticker book and a snack — that’s 45 minutes down already!

What’s been your favourite vacation?

When my husband Judd and I spent Valentine’s Day in Tokyo, Japan. The city was knee-deep in its heaviest snowfall in years, and we went for a walk at night through the city where streets were burried under 30 inches of snow, and there wasn’t anyone in sight.

Travelling is always great… but has it ever been not? 

There are hiccups. Like going on a “holiday” with 6-month-old twins. We came home and Judd and I needed a holiday from the holiday.

Which destinations are on your bucket list? 

One day I’d love to go to South Africa, Bora Bora, Switzerland and see the Northern Lights.

How was your stay at Sungai Gold? 

To this day, the villa had the best service we have ever encountered. Is there such a thing as 6-star service? There should be, and they should be awarded that. The villa was peaceful, private and the perfect place to getaway from everything.

What are your top recommendations that every traveller should do in Bali?

Head to Karma Beach, take in the sunset view at Rock Bar Bali at AYANA Resort and Spa Bali, have drinks at Potato Head Beach Club, and eat local food!

Where will you be travelling to next?

We just returned from Phuket and Fiji, so we’ll be holding off the travels for a while. But we’ll be heading back to Bali later in the year for sure!


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