How to keep your skin happy on a beach holiday

Beach skin is the best skin, but unfortunately it’s not always as easy as just booking a trip and turning up. For the ultimate beach skin – we’re talking glowy, dewy and bright – you need a good amount of prep and after-care. The commitment is real, but that does also mean you’ll be able to keep that holiday glow going for weeks after you’re back in the city.

Step 1: Hydrate

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The prep begins at home. Plump up your skin with a hyaluronic acid serum, never skip the moisturiser and don’t forget your arms and legs either.

Step 2: Protect

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It may seem silly to slap on all the SPF when what you’re after is a deep, toasty tan, but keeping your sun protection up means you’ll be able to get the glow without the sunburn (and the sun damage). And it’s not just enough to slop on the Banana Boat first thing in the morning and forget about it – we’re talking separate sunblocks for your face, body and hair (yes, your hair needs it too) and regular top-ups every two hours in the sun. Your skin will thank you when you’re not red and peeling the next day.

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Step 3: Soothe

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But even with the best intentions, sun-kissed skin can sometimes need a little comforting at the end of the day. There are multiple options, depending on what texture you prefer in a skincare product: stick a gel-like mask in the fridge (we love this Laneige one) for a cool and instantly soothing evening treat. If you’re a sheet mask fan, you won’t go far wrong with SK-II, or go for a decadent oil to lock in moisture and add some post-sun sheen.

Got the skincare, how about a villa?

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